06 August 2010

It's Alive!

image from micgadget.com

So the Apple Peel 520, ya know, that iPod case that promised to turn the humble iPod (all 3 generations of it) into a iPhone.
image from micgadget.com
Or not completely as the implementation, at least from the first review, is not that complete:
Here are some minor problems with the Apple Peel 520 for making calls:
  • iPod touch shows “Calling” even though the call is picked up.
  • Incoming phone numbers and contacts may not appear.
  • If there’s missed calls, you may receive “blank” messages for reminder.
  • Ringtones could not be set up for incoming messages and calls, the device will vibrate and rings by default. The default ringing sound can be disabled.
  • You can adjust the call volume, but there’s no difference after adjusting.
  • When there’s incoming calls, the display of the iPod touch will not light up, and the accepted call could only be hung up by the other party.
And a few problems for the SMS function:
  • The SMS text is smaller than the text on iPhone.
  • Deleting and forwarding a single message is not available.
  • The draft will still appear in creating new message even though the message is sent.
  • Adding multiple recipients at the same time is not allowed
 - from micgadget.com

Hit the link below for the video:

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