03 August 2010

Geekbench Results (or Another Reason Why the HP Mini 311 Should Never Be a MacBook Air 2,1)

The image above shows the HP Mini 311's Geekbench results while it camouflages as a MacBook5,1. As you well know, I've been experimenting with various MacBook models to see which ones work with vanilla AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext + HPET + P-States in DSDT; in short what the current HP Mini 311 Darwin Project uses. It has been reported that MacBookAir1,1 just won't work with this setup and MacBookPro5,1 (current HPM311DP default) and MacBook6,1 (theproto HPM311DP default - before vanilla AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement).

MacBookAir2,1 as I've mentioned works, albeit with a noticeable limitation - no SpeedStep, but works nevertheless compared to its sibling the MacBookAir1,1 which won't even boot up the system; i.e. Kernel Panic galore.

However, by running Geekbench on some MacBook models I've been testing, another "anomalie" as the French would call it, appears to be distinctive to the MacBookAir2,1.

It gives a much lower Geekbench result than any other MacBook model. Almost cuts the score in half! All the other models could easily surpass the 1000 score mark, but the Air2,1 tops at 666 and hitting its lowest at 613 (it's one devilishly poor score alright)

See my Geekbench results page for more details. And P.S, I think I do have the sense to make sure Geekbench was the only app running during the tests. :-)


gurgle said...

ala my comment from this thread -


is there any way to change the macbook model the Mini 1000 identifies as? As i mentioned, i'd LOVE to get speedstep working again on my Mini. Im guessing it doesn't because it's running as a Macbook Air 2,1 as i followed the steps in this thread -

"I had the smbios.plist make your Mini 1000 disguise as a MacBook Air 2,1"

Plus it would suck if the Mini 1000 shows the same slow speed you identify the Mini 311 does when running as a MacBookAir2,1

Thanks again!

Geoff said...

mine was getting low 900's running 10.3 with the HF5 package. I updated to 10.4 and did the HF6 thing and it really does seem quicker and more usable. I don't know why, but geekbench will no longer open for me. I click it, it bounces a few times then closes. The same thing is happening to my HackPro for some reason. XBench works fine but I can't get geekbench to open. Actually, the 32-bit version will open on my 64-bit hackpro but neither only the rosetta will open on my mini...