21 August 2010

Farewell, My 1st Mini MacBook

No, that's not my HP Mini 1001TU in the picture above, neither is the girl holding the 1001TU moi. I wouldn't be a geek if I looked anything like that.

But enough of murdering my own self-esteem in terms of physical appearance and get on with the main point of this post: Today is the day I said goodbye to my very first "Mini MacBook" or "MacBook Mini". 

Well, in the course of months, I've come to prefer the the term "Mini MacBook" over "MacBook Mini". There's been a confusion with MyMacBookMini.com with MyMacBookMini.blogspot.com - they're not one and the same - for a time they were related, but not anymore now, here is where "My MacBook Mini" started, just to make things clear. :D

So anyway, I decided to sell my HP Mini 1001TU shortly after I'd gotten my new Atheros AR9280 b/g/n WiFi card and restored the BCM94312HMG card where it really belonged. The whole package, accessories and all went and was gone for around $ 200 or maybe even less.

I know that this is hardly worth posting about but I felt I just had to mark this event in my experience as a hackintosher.

Things I learned with the HP Mini 1001TU:
  • How to do a Retail Install
  • How to do a Vanilla Install
  • How to replace a netbook keyboard after accidentally destroying it with a hairdryer
  • How to destroy an SDHC card slot with a Sony Memory Stick from my nephew's PSP
  • And other absurdities. XD
About half of the posts here in "MyMacBookMini" is about the HP Mini 1001TU - from March to December 2009 plus some more even after I've got an HP Mini 311.

So to my dear little 1001TU, mommy loves you still. I hope your new family loves you more than I did. No, they may not crack your shell open as often as I did, exposing your innards, with the final goal of extricating that precious Snow Leo compatible WiFi card of yours to feed to your newer, meaner, brother. 
But bear in mind that love can be expressed in many ways; the screw driver is just one. Please try to appreciate the other ways.


Anonymous said...

So, what is your MacBook Mini now after your HP Mini 10001 is sold and your HP Mini 311 is dead?

LeMaurien19 said...

Err, my HP Mini 311 is now okay. It's been more than 3 months when I got it back from repair as per this post.


fuyichin said...

The Atheros AR9280 WiFi card will work with OS X?

LeMaurien19 said...

When I ordered my new card on e-bay, the ad said it was a "Atheros AR9280" alright. But please look at this picture for reference so you'd get the exact same card as I did that worked very well in Snow Leo.