05 August 2010

Intimidatingly Exclusive

I might perhaps be risking banishment from the Philippine cyber society but I do consider myself anti-social and for the freedom of self-expression, I'm afraid I feel compelled to post this to voice out my personal sentiment.

I find this site a bit intimidating. Feels really exclusive - no ignoramus poor filthy little hacker who can't afford a real Mac. That's what I'm getting for vibes...

How I wish there was a Philippine Hackintosh Users Group also.

And what do you know? That would be "PhilHUG"! ;-)

Give me some lovin'! I totally like!


Anonymous said...

philmug is a useless site,only goes to show that to most pinoys who own real macs are douchebags (read:kupal). Well, most, not all. I found the apple forums more helphul than their forums when it comes to nerd-level osx backdoor knowledge. and we all know that the knowledge we get from the apple forums is nothing compared to a topic from hackintosh.org, insanelymac, or even tonymacx86.
i personally use osx because i find hackintoshing exciting...i'll bet you most hackintoshers out there CAN AFFORD real macs but decide to go hack because of the customizability of your hardware.

LeMaurien19 said...

Right you are about InsanelyMac.

If I might share this, one of the reasons I'm still holding out on buying a real Mac is the happiness I find with tinkering. It's a sense of fulfillment knowing you put effort to make something work - you won't get it from something that "just works".

It's the learning process, "the journey", that's the real prize in this activity. I could easily get a Mac Mini, at the least, in a heartbeat or a 13" MacBook Pro by the end of this year with some moderate frugality on my end. But I always find myself hesitating, as if afraid I'd turn too soon into a true blue PhilMUG-ger.

Make what you like out of that statement.