14 September 2011

Enter the iPhone 4

So here I am in Singapore a country so tiny that, quoting our Singaporean trainer at my new company, "pilots need to really be careful (when landing) or else they end up in Malaysia", and after a month, I still haven't been able to update from 10.6.6. A lot of factors count in the delay: work, life, moving flats and everything in between just happened.
I missed the I.T. sale and therefore missed the S$ 6.00 Belkin case for iPhone 4.
You might be wondering so I'll explain: the very day I got my IC/Employment Pass card from the EPSC - which is very efficient by the way compared to POEA in the Philippines, I applied and got approved for a very decent data plan from SingTel. That's S$56 per month 12 GB limit but which I got S$10 discount for thanks to our "corporate account" promo.
The cheapskate casing that I got $15 from one of the curiosity the town center environs is still pretty nice :D

And I must say, aside from the 3G and phone and SMS features, my iPhone 4 experience doesn't have that much edge over the iPod touch 4th gen.