13 July 2009

Bad Kitty!

That's why I always prefer dogs. Haha.

I was able to download Snow Leopard Beta (the one distributed at the WWDC 2009) and tried my luck on the Mini. Followed this thread and this website - though not to a tee exactly as there were differences in hardware and I was practically stumbling to find my way in the dark.

Win XP was obliterated again from the second partition - 12 GB all in all -  in no time and replaced with Snow Leopard. I ran the OSInstall.mpkg from the .cdr image from within Leopard 10.5.7. It installed fine. But that was that.

Turns out Snowy is one unruly kitty. No, make that one choosy and unruly kitty as it purportedly works ok on the MSI Wind but gives me nothing but KP's (Kernel Panics) from the very start.


I was even happy to click OK on the license agreement for the seed (see below)

11 July 2009


Now I don't exactly know if that's how you write the word to describe a computer that's not secure. But I do  know that's how one girl I know felt after watching Transformes: Revenge of the Fallen (does Megan Fox really have to wear real skimpy shorts while drawing on the motor bike and do her lips need to be in perpetual pout, even when in the desert and Decepticons were trying to kill her and Shia Labeouf's characters? Hahaha)

These days, my MacBook Mini's becoming well integrated with my daily computing experience. That is, I find less and less things to tweak with it - aside from that (a) audio and (b) mic functionality which is still (a) imperfect and (b) not working at all even with VoodooHDA already installed.OpenHaltRestart.kext seems to be acting up still as it occurs sometimes that MacBook Mini fails to complete the Restart process.

All in all, I think I'm reaching a plateau here. I've just done the fan tweak and so far so good - no major catastrophes whatsoever and congratulations to me by the way: it's been a month and a half since the last time I did a "wipe-out, reinstall" on MacBook Mini - the longest period I've gotten so far with the same installation! Hurray! I'd have gladly credited it all to a substantially improving emotional quotient, leveraging mainly on patience but I'd have to admit that it's just that work has been busy lately.

So what am I posting about this time?

05 July 2009


Edit: (Some clarifications from posta74)
"Just some clarifications:

- the fan spin gently as you noticed, but you will find also that when the temperature goes too up (rarely), it will run on higher rpm to chill down the Mini again.

- my video res is 1024×576 (HP Mini 2140SD), however the Apple boot logo results not altered as I’ve modified it with photoshop."

Before you say "What the &*&(!*^*)!!", let me tell you this has nothing to do Asian metrosexual-boybands-who-have-to-review-English-grammar-seriously or  frou-frou-girlbands-who-look-like-fish-vendors-without-makeup.

This is about the HP Mini 1000's fan. Do you ever wonder why the Mini gets a little too hot to the touch after using it for quite a while?