30 January 2011

Musings on HP Mini 311 - After A Hiatus

This won't be a long one.

Just that in the current state of things, all kexts are now installed directly in /System/Library/Extensions/ and  we no longer have EFI.

And since that is the case, I'm actually thinking if I'd want to use automated package installers when I configure my system from scratch because, by nature, I'm someone who'd very much prefer to be hands on and know exactly what happens and when that happens in my Mac OS X file system.

That said, I prefer using Lizard and Kext Utility to do the job for me very brilliantly.

Kappy is continuing the development of automated installers - yep, he has much more perseverance and talent and intelligence in figuring out Package Maker than I can ever hope to do - and has been posting packages for people to test.

As of now, direct installation in /S/L/E using automated package installers remains dodgy and one still has to run Kext Utility after running the installer to get things up to snuff.

27 January 2011

I'm Back!

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And indeed, from the "let-me-suck-your-wits-outta-ya" swirling vortex of teaching French as a foreign language, I am back!

So what's up with the HP Mini 311 Darwin Project, you ask?

Well, it's no secret that the project thread at InsanelyMac exploded while I was turning myself into stew with my studies. After that, contributors - and might I add, very very valuable contributors - migrated to ProjectOSX forum and continued development there.

I'd gather that with the InsanelyMac thread closed and my lack of activity on this blog of mine, many of you are clueless as to the current situation of HP Mini 311 as a hackintosh. And I share the same fate as yours; after being gone from the scene for nearly 3 months (without active participation), I'm currently in the process of picking the bits and pieces as I try to catch on.

The good news is that there's progress and quite a lot too.

I'm currently mulling on whether to re-open/re-create the InsanelyMac project thread or not. I thought that if the valuable contributors are already carrying out the discussion at the new forum, then that would only mean 2 project pages, which is pointless.

Perhaps we should just keep the Support Thread from now own and then as usual, I'll document what I can here in My MacBook Mini in hopes of making the hardcore "dev" stuff a wee bit friendlier for my fellow noobs.

And now, I'm looking forward to an OSx86 weekend.