30 January 2011

Musings on HP Mini 311 - After A Hiatus

This won't be a long one.

Just that in the current state of things, all kexts are now installed directly in /System/Library/Extensions/ and  we no longer have EFI.

And since that is the case, I'm actually thinking if I'd want to use automated package installers when I configure my system from scratch because, by nature, I'm someone who'd very much prefer to be hands on and know exactly what happens and when that happens in my Mac OS X file system.

That said, I prefer using Lizard and Kext Utility to do the job for me very brilliantly.

Kappy is continuing the development of automated installers - yep, he has much more perseverance and talent and intelligence in figuring out Package Maker than I can ever hope to do - and has been posting packages for people to test.

As of now, direct installation in /S/L/E using automated package installers remains dodgy and one still has to run Kext Utility after running the installer to get things up to snuff.


Yaroslav Fedevych said...

A quick note on how I quickly install new extensions without all that graphical glitz.

Assuming they've been downloaded and unpacked, I do this in terminal:

cd /path/to/extensions
for i in *.kext; do sudo cp -vR "$i" /System/Library/Extensions && sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/"$i" && find /System/Library/"$i" -type d -exec sudo chmod 0755 '{}' ';' -o -type f -exec sudo chmod 0644 '{}' ';'; done; sudo rm -fR /System/Library/com.apple.kext.caches/{Directories/System/Library/Extensions,Startup}/*

Seems a lot to type, but one can have it in a script, or find in command history.

Yaroslav Fedevych said...

Oh, and I hope you're OK, Manila seems to be too hot a place these days :(