04 February 2011

Next Up - Between OSx86 and Study and Work too

It's been about a week or so since my emancipation from a most harrowing experience: writing four papers in French about teaching French...great.

And then the 2nd semester has now officially started. How so? Two of my four subjects this semester have uploaded the course material and that only means one thing: we, students, should start getting back to work!

I was meaning to get right back to hackintoshing after January 25th, as in devote myself and time to this activity. However, such does not prove to be feasible at all - when I got accepted for the 3-year program from the Université de Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle, I actually committed myself to 3 years of all that FLE grind, in hopes of the French embassy here in the Philippines deciding to fly me to France in my 3rd year (M2, if I survive). So, there's no such thing as completely detaching myself from the clutches of the academe world and to fully go back to OSx86 world.

No, siree.

So, before those other two subjects become available and I get swamped up with tons to read again and, heaven forbid, papers to write (although of course, judging from my experience from last semester I can confidently declare that I'll have papers to write and submit on or before April 24th), I'll do my best to update the installation guides here in My MacBook Mini.

I'll give you guys a hint:
Don't expect automated .pkg installers anymore from me, or I meant, I'm no longer in the capacity to promise delivery of those :)

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