27 February 2011

Another Update

It's that time again for updates!

There's a new Retail Pack :D Guess what, it's now Tetonne who's maintaining packs released originally by MowgliBook.
(I'm not sure whether there's been another explosion in the forums...but let's move one, shall we?)

This one's gonna be as short as I can make it.

What You Need:
1. Latest Retail Pack for the HP Mini 311
2. Lizard  and Kext Utility - you know where to get that (see the guides section)
3. Bootable Mac OS X installation on a USB stick.*
*Yes, right - I'm talking NOT about a Mac OS X USB Installer but a fully functional installation of Mac OS X 10.6 on a USB stick or external USB hard drive. Here's why:
- If you've been following this blog and I assume you've got the same system config as I've got, that is; kexts are in /System/Library/Extensions and the Extra folder is in the root directory "/", if anything goes awry in that setup and for some reason it won't boot up on it's, chances are - based on my own experience - you won't be able to boot the system up with an emergency, i.e. in the form of just the Mac OS X USB Installer. That's because the kexts are in /S/L/E and they will almost always be included in boot up once that volume they're installed on is chosen to be booted up.
Plus, I've observed that Chameleon will always pick up the Extra folder once it sees its presence in the chosen volume's root directory "/". So let's say you've got a bootable USB with a working combination of kexts and stuff, all neatly set up in an Extra folder on its own, here's the bad news: although it's that USB's Chameleon you fired up, once you tell Cham to boot the afflicted volume who's got its own Extra folder, Cham will simply pick up that Extra folder and all those kexts in /S/L/E of that volume instead of the "known good config" in the USB booter. Got that? Or if you didn't...well, it's a long story that I'll have to tell some other time.

So anyway, here's What You Do (and I assume you know what you're getting into right? *wink*)
1. Unzip the Retail Pack
2. Delete all the colored kexts in /System/Library/Extensions and then dig inside the "kext" folder in the Retail Pack you've just downloaded and unzipped, copy them all to /System/Library/Extensions.
3. Run Kext Utility.
4. Also from inside the Retail Pack, copy the entire Extra folder to your root directory "/" and replace any existing Extra folder in there.
5. Go to your root directory by clicking on your main volume, ex. Macintosh HD, and delete the Boot file.
6. Fire up Lizard. On the "Install and Update" tab, click once on your main volume to highlight it. Now in the section "Select Chameleon (bin) folder", click on the "Select folder" button and navigate upto the "Bootloader" folder inside the new Retail Pack. A new section will be added below and click on the "Install Chameleon" button.

If you want to install the Trackpad.prefPane, there are instructions inside the Retail Pack. You can actually go without it, if you don't wanna make the effort. But you know, you've come this far, why not go all the 9 yards?


Anonymous said...

No explosions as far as I know :D

I just have too much work to spend time on this now...
But I still keep and eye on the progress and focus on the pre-release testing of The KiNG's work.



LeMaurien19 said...

Thanks Mowgli! :D

Anonymous said...

The link for the latest retail pack doesn't seem to be working. I hope to try it out soon. :)

Anonymous said...

-s boot saved me a couple of times from the cursed corrupted s/l/e. i know, i know, the command prompt is a beast to deal with, but at least you can kick those krezzy kexts (as long as the keyboard works).

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! I am looking for some help!!!

I have a EEE PC 1002HA and I followed the 10.6 Cat in a bag tutorial from here (very old stuff). I tried to update to 10.6.6 but it never left the apple logo screen.. So how do I update? Just follow this post? (I could not understand it very well)

Please any help would be much appreciated, I never used a Mac before, and I'm loving it.

Kind Regards


Tetonne said...

link to pack is OK
the issue is solved with mediafire

LeMaurien19 said...

I'm afraid I can't help you with your EEE PC. The guides on this blog are tried and tested only for the HP mini 311 and, for a time, the Mini 1001TU.

I suggest you keep on scouring the world wide web; perhaps you can find a better suited guide with all the components suitable for your netbook

matt said...

big thanks! its working great!

Anonymous said...


In this update are you using Tetonne's retail pack in "Packs 4 Advanced users only (last packs)" or "Packs for all users and beginners".

Feeling a bit wild so I might just give the advance a try.



Anonymous said...

OK advance was over optimistic for me. Back to the previous install.

I lost ability to boot from my HDD "HFS+ map error" lost my keyboard and had to connect a wired usb.

I tried with and without the icon file from the kext folders - same result.

I might have another try whenI have a bit more time.


Anonymous said...

BIOS f16, 2GB RAM,
from a clean install of 10.6.3,

getting this on boot from HD,

hfs+ "unicode tables are malformed"

tried installing with lizard
and terminal both, with same result.

will keep trying...

Anonymous said...

BIOS f15, 3GB RAM,
Win7 & OSX 10.6.6 works great!!
sleep function is ok!!
never panic

Anonymous said...

didn't see it mentioned so I thought i'll ask..\
does wifi work with this update?
without wifi its pretty much useless to have mac on 311 anyway.
I don't mind buying a usb adapter as long as its not sticking out and gets in your way..
please post on what you need to get wifi working on 311.

Ethan said...

I managed to get it works! Thank you!

Tetonne said...

- Mini 311 Retail Pack 20110119v3
- Mini 311 Retail Pack 20110301v2
as been released with new how to
(thanks to Cobus feed back)