22 March 2011

Neanderthal Goes Back To Her Cave

Apparently putting up a donations link turns out to be a very bad idea even though publicized otherwise by a friend of mine at work. She told me: "You're putting effort and time in making detailed explanation available to people who don't have time to put the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together or simply don't wanna make the effort themselves. Perhaps it's not a bad idea if you create a way for some of them who would like to say thanks for that effort, in other ways, like in moolah, ya know."

Having had a bad experience with donations link in a previous site I blogged for free for (a donations link was up and making people think I was the direct beneficiary without me knowing and me, ending up having to provide support to people who donated to that site - which I won't mention anymore), I was reluctant. Make that very reluctant.

But then, in the end I got convinced that my friend had a valid point; that what I did was actually a bit  of "research". Information to make stuff work is already out there and knowledge that something is possible is already known. What I did, according to that convincing argument, is get a hold of that information, study it for full understanding in order to transform it to a coherent entity that's accessible to more people because it's in a more easily digested form. Plus the personal affirmation that such and such does work would add to the positive demographics that could help, in its own little way, further establish the information as fact.

Now the question is: Can that "effort" of research and transformation really merits being considered a valid value that could indeed be credited to me?

It seems that the answer is "No".

As of this moment, I feel like I've no right whatsoever to write anything pertaining to the Mini 311 without mentioning in every post a certain indiviual's name. Because no, I cannot just "reduce" that person to the generic "brilliant minds from the forums" or let his contribution be as understood, be read between the lines of each post, along with the pioneers of this field, that we, as hackintosher-wannabes, are forever thankful to.

Would I need to make a banner containing that name for my blog as sort of my "licence to write" about the Mini 311 even if I'm only describing my own personal account of how I pieced together what they, the masters, created and which is a fact that I never did and never will intend to undermine? If so, I'd simply run out of time in this short life time enumerating other great names such as netkas, prasys, stell, etc. etc. etc. ....

No thanks. I've bigger stuff to tend to like Université de Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle.
This Neanderthal is tired of baby-sitting and if she can't write freely, then she'd rather just go back to her cave.


Anonymous said...

You really shouldnt be paying attention to what some internet-fags posted, seriously

Keep on doing what you do and let them talk.

P.S. you better keep posting updated guides or we'll all cry and have to actually buy macbook pros

LeMaurien19 said...

this is moot.