28 March 2011


With my current setup, I had no problems whatsoever with updating to 10.6.7.

Just like a real Mac user - or I think, because I've never had a real Mac let alon be able to update one - all I did was run Software Update from the Apple menu and restarted.

For those who are starting from scratch (following the current setup guide) or are skipping point updates, grabe the ComboUpdater from Apple's Site.

Anyways, 10.6.7 doesn't seem to be deliver any major system changes like USB management, power etc. - details listed at the site are only:
  • Improve the reliability of Back to My Mac.
  • Resolve an issue when transferring files to certain SMB servers.
  • Address various minor Mac App Store issues. 
So there.


Anonymous said...

Hi.. is there a possibility that all default devices and/or (untouched) parts of the HP Mini 311-1002 be compatible in the upcoming new OSX (Lion)?

Just wondering...


Anonymous said...

unless apple starts using the hp 311 parts on their macs, that will remain a dream. no kext, no compatibility.

kinda reminds me of that question on the dell forums about GMA500 support.

Anonymous said...


Looking at the last post from The King the 311c will run Lion. There is a screen shot of a beta version running on the 311c.

The Kings last post

Let's hope someone has the skills to carry on The King's good work!

What issues we may face with Lion on the 311 - I guess that's one for the summer.


Yaroslav Fedevych said...

Just a quick note,

annoying as it is, kernel panics familiar from 10.6.0 — 10.6.3 have come back. Some network activity over the loopback interface (the localhost), and the kernel panics with no traceback whatsoever, pointing at kernel_task as the guilty party.

Those who do mind their systems die once a day on average, would want to consider staying at 10.6.6 for a while, until they absolutely must get an upgrade.

Anonymous said...

Are you using the latest retail pack?

I've been running 10.6.7 without a KP since its release.


mosslack said...

Finally got around to the Mini 311, updated just fine. Of course all of my Hacks did also, the update seemed to be a non-issue this time around. Nice for a change.