20 April 2011


And so I've discovered that I got a failing grade on one of my papers from last semester at the Sorbonne Nouvelle (8,5 / 20) for Grammaire et enseignement (Teaching grammar - French) - it turned out I didn't have the slightest clue on how to teach definite and indefinite articles to students whose mother tongue does not have those elements. My papers for the other three were OK:
  • Greek : 16/20
  • Analyse des interactions (like Discourse Analysis) : 14,5/20
  • Méthodologies, matériel et pratiques en didactique du français (Methods, material, and practices in teaching French as foreign language): 10/20
Subjects which are focused on teaching - which compose my major subjects - I got lower scores. I guess pedagogy is not my calling.

Never in my life did I get such mediocre grades. Well, never in my life since grade school did I exhibit such disinterest in my subjects at school as I did for "Grammaire et enseignement" and "Méthodo, mat et prat". Seems fair 'nough.

But I've never gotten more fulfillment in any other past time such as hackintoshing - or let me rephrase that before I got flamed again for assuming myself deserving to be called a hackintosher. I've never gotten more fulfillment than in personally trying out on my gadget what I've read on forums and other blogs and sites that is related to hackintoshing. There, all's fair.

Anyhoo, before I plunge into another crazy period of cramming for writing all those papers due on the 26th (yep, that's Monday next week) or what I and my study buddy (yep, there's another soul out there who's as demented as I am to be interested in this scholarship from the French embassy and Université de Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle) our own version of a "sacrifice" for the Lent season; I'd like to take this brief pause in my deadline swamped life to discuss with you about the HP Mini 311's trackpad.

Anyone who has tried the latest pack from Tetonne experienced a similar issue whereby, after the Mini 311 has been waken from sleep, the trackpad does NOT work at all - as in NO cursor?

I'm currently back to "my current setup".
Disclaimer: before I get another member of royalty and the general human race irate, let me clear that by saying "my current setup" I do NOT intend to claim ownership NOR credit for any element contained in there, BUT that that .zip file exists or has been compiled only to make the how to guide simpler - it is just a way of referring, like in Windoze parlance, to the "last known good configuration" for which I am eternally grateful to the great powers that be of the hackintosh/OSx86 community.

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machosehead said...

Greetings. It's good to know you are alive and thriving. As for me, I have left the Pequod for some time now. A self exile to be sure but I have my own projects and all has been tranquil on 1.1c. There will be probably only one more update to 10.6 and that will be bug fixes. So no more fiddling till the lion shows up.

You touched on the reason why I can't recommend this Hack to anyone. It is the trackpad. I might have passed on this machine if I'd known this when I bought it. I have fixed it in my own way but I would have preferred that the intelligentsia would be up to the task.

If teaching French does not work out I think you have a career as a technical writer. Maybe you are already doing this. Bonne chance either way.