20 May 2011


Blame it on too much K-drama and too little time devoted to things hackintosh. For those who don't know, "K-drama" means Korean soap. Yeah, sometimes the lack of a Y chromosome gets the better of me and I prefer enduring sleepless nights trying to finish an entire 20 episode drama.

Perhaps if there's any positive observation that can be derived from that, it's my consistent character. That is; consistently subjecting my body to lack of sleep in any endeavor, be it for the glory of geekhood, dream of becoming the feisty stuntwoman that is Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden, or for pseudo-intellectualism through FLE or FLES.

I'm currently about to face hell week because "les épreuves sur table" are starting on Monday and I'll have to take them at the French embassy here in Manila. And so I'm blogging about Mac OS X Lion.
Right. Call it escapism.

If Jose Rizal, the Philippines' national hero (who's celebrating his 150th birthdat on June 19 by the way) quoted Marx in one of his two novels (not so sure as I write this which specifically of the two) that "religion is opium for the masses", I'd say "hacklintoshing is opium for a language major who dreads her exams next week".

I've downloaded Mac OS X Lion DP2 (Developer's Preview 2). It's what's available in the bay of pirates as of the moment.

I've tried launching OSInstall.mpkg, meaning to install it on a USB thumbdrive but got thwarted with the now all too familiar snobbish error message: "Mac OS X 10.7 cannot be installed on this computer". And by computer, it refers to my HP Mini 311.
Been lurking in the forums and I've downloaded some modded mach_kernel_APIC files.
Restored the installer image to my 8GB GUID partitioned thumbdrive.
Now which bootloader to use?
Am I even in the right track?
I know that D5G12 Grec, D6O26 Évaluation en langues vivantes and many more vile subjects are waiting for me to read and review them...a fork in the road...


Wilfredo Patiño G. said...

Hi LeMaurien, I'm a huge fan, thanks for all the guides. And thanks to you now i'm running Snow Leo on my mini 311 for about 9 months without any problem. Now i'm looking forward to be able to install Lion, which was officially announced today at the WWDC. Hope that you keep on hackingtoshing and keep helping us (Newbies) to enjoy Mac Os X. You are great, see you.

Tetonne said...

have a look here :

LeMaurien19 said...

I've fairly given up on installing from scratch directly to my 311.
I think if I can pull it off, I'm gonna install Lion on to a USB drive from a Core 2 Duo first and then start from there...
Not really putting up my hopes that much on this DP 2 release that I have and because Lion hates non 64-bit systems...

Dinesh said...

I just bought a dell mini 1012, can i install osx 10.6 on it.