24 June 2011

10.6.8 Update to Snow Leopard

Follow the changes and it's *safe to update to 10.6.8
WARNING: Do this if you know what you're doing. I haven't the time write a n00b friendly, detailed version yet (will go the beach - Boracay, yay! - this weekend, so really busy with real life). When I get the time, I'll update the Installation Guide with 10.6.8 incorporated. Hopefully by that time, our friend Tetonne has come up with a more organized "official" package. :D

If you can access the files in the ProjectOSX page for the HP Mini 311, download the latest attachments of THeKiNG - new dsdt and mach_kernel.

I'd probably get flamed again by doing this, but for those who want to get started right away with testing - please do post your feedback in the Project Page - I've put everything in a zip file.

Current Config HP Mini 311 10.6.8 please say thanks to THeKiNG not to me; or if you're to thank me because of unknown personal reasons (because you just feel like it for ex.) - I reiterate, I did not edit the DSDT nor the mach_kernel. :-)

  1. Run the 10.6.8 ComboUpdate (or delta if you're already on 10.6.7). DO NOT RESTART YET.
  2. Install the kexts inside the "kext" folder with Kext Utility. NOTE: you can opt to just install AppleHDA and FakeSMC. 10.6.8 brings in a new AppleHDA kext which does not play well with our Mini 311. The FakeSMC in the zip is edited - it no longer includes IntelCPUMonitor plugin because that causes prob as well.
  3. Replace the Extra folder with the Extra folder in the zip. Or you can opt to just swap your current com.apple.Boot.plist with the one in the zip. ALSO copy the new DSDT1068.aml.
  4. Copy the "mach_kernel_1068_i386.patched" to root folder "/". If you're wondering where that is, it should be in the same level as your Boot file and the OS X system folders: Users, Application, System, Library.
  5. Restart.

*in my case that is, as well as the others in the forums.

DO NOT UPDATE to 10.6.8 yet. Reboot loop.
Edit: from netkas.org
"Change _ADR to _UID in the PCI section of your DSDT to fix."

Or use 10.6.7's

  1. IOPCIFamily.kext
  2. AppleACPIPlatform.kext

Apple has finally released 10.6.8 Update to Snow Leopard.
image from Cult Of Mac.com

In the beta versions of this update, there have been reports that problems with "PCI Bridge" arose for HP Mini 311 hackintosh users. Now that the official Delta and Combo Updates are now available to the masses, we'll see how things fare.

Hit up the links: Delta Update (from 10.6.7), Combo Update (10.6.6 and below). (link corrected)

Or then again, you can proceed with the update by just clicking on the Apple Menu > Software Update.

I'll be updating my Mini 311 later tonight. That is, if I get home without being washed away in the strong winds and rains that typhoon Falcon has been wreaking on the metro these couple of days.

19 June 2011


It's the rainy days once again here in this archipelago. That means a much awaited break from the excruciating heat of the tropical sun has come. I hope though that the sun comes back for a few days when July kicks in so my (1st) Boracay experience can be what a beach vacation should be - with lots of reasons to get outdoors to sink in the blue blue waters and white white sand, and to slap on SPF rated stuff - lots of them.

Aha! And so Boracay (and my dreams of donning proper swim wear - finally!) would be the culprit of my ditching the OSx86 world for some time now! - you'd probably say. Truth be told, sorta. It's not unknown that I'm in graduate school right now and which I get in two flavors: physical school ("en présentielle") and virtual/cyber ("à distance") and this DU ECDF thing along with my M.A. French Translation from UP Diliman share the bigger blame for my inactivity within this hacking community that I consider myself to be part of.

I'm taking up pen and paper - or in this case, keyboard and blogger editor - to write about hackintoshing again. Why now? Well, for one, June spells the end of the academic year in French universities and my virtual one is no exception. I just took eight - yes, that's "8" - final exams from May 26 - June 6. The French call them "épreuves sur table" but they're really more like "torture sur table" with my being tortured right there and then on the table where I filled up a blank sheet of paper with my answers to just a couple or so of questions that should sum up to a score of 20/20 if I get a perfect score.

This is the time when I evaluate my goals in life: should I pursue the M.A. levels (M1 & M2) from the Sorbonne Nouvelle for FLE?

And perhaps as has gotten so entwined my life with OSx86, coincidentally, OS X Lion comes looming in the horizon as well. Should I and the HP Mini 311 pursue the unsure and quite unattainable iCloud heights where Lion is?

Both in my love for the French language (which I myself have a hard time to understand the reason why) and for hackintoshes, I have come to the crux.

At least for hackintoshing, I am more or less clear about my next action. With OS X Lion, Apple has moved further away from Atom netbooks - from the HP Mini 311. It's crucial apps - especially the Finder - being written in 64-bit has never made anything so clear and bright as sunshine as this: yes, there may be possible hocus-pocus to fool Lion in thinking the Atom is a Core 2 Duo which is its least requirement in CPU, BUT the community will have to re-write Lion system apps because it's dropped 32-bit support (at least in the current "DP" - Developer Preview release).

Indeed, the world's most advanced desktop operating system has advanced further and it has left my 32-bit Atom 280 behind without as much as regret on its poker faced mien as it closed the door to leave.

Honestly, I've come to a point where my hopes of seeing Lion in action was on Apple retailer stores here in the metro or on a Core 2 Duo machine that I hope I can get my hands on to hackintosh. No longer on my HP Mini 311. Yes, I've accepted that it's just gonna be me and Snowy HP Mini 311 from now on.

Moving forward, the biggest pre-occupation I should have from now is a good 10.6.8 update;  to be on the look out for ways to improve the experience of Snow Leopard on the 311. And perhaps really get serious with saving for a Mac.

Which brings to mind another important crux in my life - Singapore and S$ 3,000?