24 June 2011

10.6.8 Update to Snow Leopard

Follow the changes and it's *safe to update to 10.6.8
WARNING: Do this if you know what you're doing. I haven't the time write a n00b friendly, detailed version yet (will go the beach - Boracay, yay! - this weekend, so really busy with real life). When I get the time, I'll update the Installation Guide with 10.6.8 incorporated. Hopefully by that time, our friend Tetonne has come up with a more organized "official" package. :D

If you can access the files in the ProjectOSX page for the HP Mini 311, download the latest attachments of THeKiNG - new dsdt and mach_kernel.

I'd probably get flamed again by doing this, but for those who want to get started right away with testing - please do post your feedback in the Project Page - I've put everything in a zip file.

Current Config HP Mini 311 10.6.8 please say thanks to THeKiNG not to me; or if you're to thank me because of unknown personal reasons (because you just feel like it for ex.) - I reiterate, I did not edit the DSDT nor the mach_kernel. :-)

  1. Run the 10.6.8 ComboUpdate (or delta if you're already on 10.6.7). DO NOT RESTART YET.
  2. Install the kexts inside the "kext" folder with Kext Utility. NOTE: you can opt to just install AppleHDA and FakeSMC. 10.6.8 brings in a new AppleHDA kext which does not play well with our Mini 311. The FakeSMC in the zip is edited - it no longer includes IntelCPUMonitor plugin because that causes prob as well.
  3. Replace the Extra folder with the Extra folder in the zip. Or you can opt to just swap your current com.apple.Boot.plist with the one in the zip. ALSO copy the new DSDT1068.aml.
  4. Copy the "mach_kernel_1068_i386.patched" to root folder "/". If you're wondering where that is, it should be in the same level as your Boot file and the OS X system folders: Users, Application, System, Library.
  5. Restart.

*in my case that is, as well as the others in the forums.

DO NOT UPDATE to 10.6.8 yet. Reboot loop.
Edit: from netkas.org
"Change _ADR to _UID in the PCI section of your DSDT to fix."

Or use 10.6.7's

  1. IOPCIFamily.kext
  2. AppleACPIPlatform.kext

Apple has finally released 10.6.8 Update to Snow Leopard.
image from Cult Of Mac.com

In the beta versions of this update, there have been reports that problems with "PCI Bridge" arose for HP Mini 311 hackintosh users. Now that the official Delta and Combo Updates are now available to the masses, we'll see how things fare.

Hit up the links: Delta Update (from 10.6.7), Combo Update (10.6.6 and below). (link corrected)

Or then again, you can proceed with the update by just clicking on the Apple Menu > Software Update.

I'll be updating my Mini 311 later tonight. That is, if I get home without being washed away in the strong winds and rains that typhoon Falcon has been wreaking on the metro these couple of days.


Anonymous said...

Hibernate works but USB strangeness. It will have to do for now.


rocksalt26 said...

I'm in a reboot cycle after going through software update. It kp's after saying pci something. Tried booting with boot disk. Still a no go. I should have waited for lauren19.

Anonymous said...

I did notice an update to IOPCIFamily.kext. I'm running Pack 1.1c. Probably some other DSDT is causing the problem. Updates should not be run without a way to restore.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that the page for the Combo update is labelled "osx server".
Is the link correct?

Anonymous said...

Surreal. When the update came out I did my usual routine. I downloaded the combo update. I did a backup. I applied the update. I am running 10.6.8 on my mini with the updated kexts. Now I have gone off the beaten path and made some minor mods but at this point I'm unsure why my system is unaffected.
Combo update:


LeMaurien19 said...

@Anonymous (above)
Would you mind sharing to us what package you're using? (Tetonne's, Mowglibook's. etc?)

Or it would be nice if you could upload it on mediafire or something and share the link to us.

I've a hunch it's related to DSDT and/or Chameleon version...

LeMaurien19 said...

To everyone,

If you can get your hands on the latest DSDT.aml created by THeKiNG, from HP Mini 311 ProjectOSX, perhaps you can setup Snow Leo on a separate partition on your Mini 311's hard drive or an external hard drive/USB and update to 10.6.8.

Note sure if we can really just do it like this:
Remember to take out the plug-ins in fakesmc.kext. Just right click, Show packages > Contents > Plugins. Take out the

Or better yet, get a Snow Leopard compatible fakesmc.kext that does not have monitoring plugins and use that instead in /S/L/E along with the old kexts and THeKiNG's new DSDT and mach_kernel.

Anonymous said...

I am running Mowglibook's Pack 1.1c. My first hunch was right, it was the DSDT. Everything seems to run fine but sleep. I see there is an updated DSDT out for a newer version. I'm more interested in getting my desktop ready for Lion. Bonne journée.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clue to get sleep working for me. I threw out the plugins folder from FakeSMC and put it in the E/E folder. Other attempts using previous fakesmc or using FakeSMC in S/L/E had issues.


LeMaurien19 said...

Personally, 10.6.8 is the farthest I would go with the HP Mini 311. Lion 10.7 just moved completely away from 32-bit platforms; if there were people willing to re-code Lion's components (which are essentially 64-bit) back to 32-bit - like the Finder, among other important base apps/components - then our Atom 280-clad Mini 311 could possibly stand a chance.

But then, that would be nothing less of a Herculean task. Soyons réalistes - it's what we can do in the present :D

Yaroslav Fedevych said...

"if there were people willing to re-code Lion's components (which are essentially 64-bit) back to 32-bit - like the Finder, among other important base apps/components - then our Atom 280-clad Mini 311 could possibly stand a chance."

You can't. No one but Apple can. To "re-code" those applications, one either has to emulate x86_64 instruction set on i386, which would be horrendously slow, especially on Atom, or recompile from sources. Apple has the sources, but won't give them out.

LeMaurien19 said...

Exactly my point. I was meaning to show that unless Lion is recodef in i386, we'll just be wasting our efforts and only Apple can do recode Lion.
This illustration serves to show people te hopelessness of the situation; to drive the point that having the latest OS is not always the best.

Anonymous said...

is that hacked kernel your 10.6.8 update based on a 10.6 lecacy kernel or a 10.6.8 vanilla kernel?
if it's the one from prasys, there's a bit of lag on the system. better wait for the vanilla one.

Anonymous said...

LeMaurien19 please stop this "please say thanks to THeKiNG....blah blah"
I didn't asked you or anyone else for such thing.
What I asked, and was the only thing I ever asked, was to mention the source of the files you use, that is a common practice in open source world, and is what I call respect for the people who work for free so you and other can enjoy.

This is for Tettone too.



Anonymous said...

Ingrid, I tolja you shoulda just bought an real mac!

johnn said...

Does the Tetonne's new Mini311_Retail_Pack_20110630v1 contain everything needed if starting fresh?

I re-installed 10.6 from Retail, applied the 10.6.8 Combo Update,applied the new Retail Pack, and used Lizard to install Chameleon. However for me it makes OSX unbootable.

Being noob at this, perhaps I will have to wait for an updated guide. My previous install was done using Kappy's installer.

rocksalt26 said...

LeMaurien19, I think this is the end of the road for the mini 311. It's been great. I really have enjoyed following your posts. If you turn to another updated machine please keep us posted. Thank you for all your efforts. It's been fun.

LeMaurien19 said...

OK. But for the record, I did credit you and tetonne in this.

Anonymous said...

LeMaurien19 all I asked you was to act as an adult and a human who has respect for open source.

Seems you still ignore or intentionally misspell what I say/write, I know my English is not so good, but still...

You keep your "cube" words in most of your writes that I treat as an insult(s), and most relevant example is the quoted text I showed earlier(as older one), not edited or whatever.

From now on I will ignore you and your blog.


LeMaurien19 said...

I think I get this: I also think you intentionally mispell/misunderstand what I write.

In the first place, the phrase you quoted is not addressed for you. It's for those who read this blog and write comments thanking me, thinking I made the good stuff which I clearly did not. There are some who comment things like that. And it is them who I appeal to when I say I do not wanna be flamed, so I beg them to please direct their gratitude to the correct people.

I've gotten into a lot of trouble (specially being told off by you) so I painstakingly write and in bold letters that they (whoever they are) should be thanking you instead.

You told me to credit you and also others. I did. But it does seem that my way of crediting you is offensive in your opinion perhaps with our difference in language. (FYI, English is also not my native tongue.)

If that is the case, then I humbly apologize for whatever you deem offensive to you.

On a different note though, I also deem offensive that you still have not changed your opinion of me - that I have no respect for open source.

As you are entitled to think the way you want and accuse me publicly of being disrespectful, I also want to take this opportunity to deny publicly what you accuse me of. I DO have the utmost respect for open source and freedom.

We may have differing criteria in defining "respect for open source" but I do believe that we agree that no one should take credit for what they did not create/do. This is how I thought I could better emphasize that - by directing people to direct their gratitude to the correct person.

So, moving forward, in which exact way do you wish me to credit you that you define as respectful of open source?

Anonymous said...

As is done in open source world:
Include a file where you show the source of the files or write that in places you use/upload them.
That simple, is it hard?
There is a win from that too, people can have direct access to the place they where made and maybe they can found additional info instead navigating in *n topics seeking for pure info...

Extra stuff that you write usual(and not edited in all places) is what pissed me off, in a manner that I consider an insult, I may be wrong(language barrier) but I'm still pissed :P.

I don't need or ever asked for thanks as other stuff.

And I do believe you are a respectful person, otherwise why I am still writing here?


Yaroslav Fedevych said...

A storm in a teacup, ehrm, after all.

Being pissed at such things is a minus, too. For people not too involved in actual software development these things are not very obvious, in fact. Just read any open source-related article made by an average journalist in a non-tech media (and even some tech ones) who should have done a better research, and guess how long it takes for them to understand the whole „free as in speech” from „free as in beer” thing, if ever.

If a README included with the package and optionally displayed in one of Installer screens would make you happy, then I'd like to provide a template:

„This package contains the following components:

ApplePS2Controller driver
License: Apple Public License v2
Author: Apple Inc. (link to the source)
Modified by: Con Tributor (link to the source where Con Tributor has published it, not to the actual file)

DSDT.aml version XYZ
License: proprietary
Author: THe KiNG


Packaged by: Tetonne, http://homepage/
Send bug reports to x@y.z”

and so on for each and every component.

Here: by mentioned what has been authored by whom is a sufficient way to say thanks; the license information provides a way to tell the terms of making derived copies; there's a way to trace the original author should a need arise; version information helps when reporting bugs and notifying the packager that things got updated.


Anonymous said...

@Yaroslav Fedevych,

Is not about what makes me happy, is about how this SHOULD BE DONE.

I hope using capitals would make things clear.

I will provide a "template" when I will have time to update the mini topic.

The only "storm" is on the people mind who still refuse to understand the evidence, surprising or not this tiny hardware had a bad history before I joined in the boat, take your own conclusion from that.


LeMaurien19 said...

Ok, my manner of writing is offensive to you. I respect your opinion.
My opinion is that your manner of telling me off is offensive too.
However, I'll do my best from now on not to write in that manner which you find offensive and promise you'll do me the same courtesy too.

I have had the opinion of you setting yourself "too high" to an agreeable compromise with the past comments/posts/in the usual manner you address newbies even way back in InsanelyMac. I admit I am having trouble getting rid of that first impression on you but I will put all efforts to it.

Moving forward with the issue of the "readme" file for proper acknowledgment.
The packages that Tetonne consolidates for all (if only just for the sake of uniformity and clarity) are the official packages - nothing else.

If you're pertaining to the zip files I put in public of the current state of my own system; I don't put any "readme" files in them because they are only for helping to test and confirm things with Tetonne for the official package.

Again, I have never said I made those myself, and if anyone posted, sounding as if they're saying I should be thanked for making those, I do not acknowledge it and if I have the energy and time, I refute those statements as much I could. (That is why I feel like I was being attacked for no reason. The only thanks I can accept and have been accepting is gratitude for providing them with explanation as my limited knowledge is capable of. I believe there's nothing wrong with that as I put effort in the explaining.)

My logic for that is simple: Get as many people to test as soon as possible and have them right back to their feet to see how the new things work - to reach even those who do not normally invest time in joining forums. The more people the better. It's simpler and more people respond when it's simpler.Then there's more feedback faster. Then there's the official package from Tetonne which is expected to be more stable at the end. That's the final goal. There's no readme file in the zips so as not to confuse people that that's the "official package". The official package contains all the "rightful badges/markings" and that's the Tetonne packages - not what I put out as participation for testing.

Then, the question is :
Is not Tetonne already putting that "readme" file with all the correct acknowledgments, inside the packages he's maintaining in lieu of MowgliBook?

Then based from that, there's no problem to start with. And I believe I never deserved any of the times I have been accused of disrespect for other people's work.

True, it has happened that some people thanked the "wrong" people. But nobody in here ever took credit for anybody else's work. Nobody did, nobody is, and nobody in this blog will ever take credit for anyone else's work. That you can rest assured of.

Anonymous said...

watching you diss out on each other reminds me of programmers and implementors.

Anonymous said...

Anyone do anymore dev for 10.6.8????

WoofWoof said...

I manage to get 10.6.8 to work... using "Mini311_Retail_Pack_20110630v3" package available here: mediafire.com/tetonne follow the read me file carefully... step by step... "Go from nothing to 10.6.x right now: (x>=4 to 7)"... at point 4 step 6... break that into 5 steps... and I tweak these steps... and manage to get it to multi boot with Win 7... also I Partition my HDD into 4: Windows / Macintosh HD / User Data / Macintosh HD Backup. When I screw up I just restore from the backup partition. This is now my toy, I've bought an iMac a year ago. I added an Airport card bought from used iMac part, also added a USB Wireless N dongle.

giorgi said...

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