06 July 2011

Official Pack for 10.6.8

Again, please direct your thanks to Tetonne, who took the effort to put together this new pack for us. Thanks, tetonne! :-)

File name is "Mini311 Retail Pack 20110630v1.

Your feedback is important. Please post them as comments in the Hp/compaq Mini 311 - Project Page to let tetonne and the developers know about how this new pack works on the different Mini 311's.


Tetonne said...

This pack has been created thanks to THe KiNG's stuff.

Pay attention this last pack is aimed for an upgraded to 10.6.8.
Please read the read me first file

Anonymous said...

thanks to pack provided in the link, created by the community, and following the read me included along with knowledge gathered over time hackintoshing (if that is a word)
running 10.6.8 as of now.
fresh install 10.6.0 & 10.6.8 combo

Anonymous said...

is it feasible to install the upcoming OSX Lion on our HP Mini 311? or this is the end of the road for us..

Anonymous said...

Does not work for me, black screen at reboot, installing Chameleon with command line does not work =s

Also, the tutorials do not work either. I have followed them and I got the "can't patch 64 bit kernel" during bootup.

Lizard doesn't seem to install Chameleon at all :p

Could someone please update the guides? =)

Thank you all

Anonymous said...

are these still problems with this patch?

No USB after hibernate

No Bluetooth after sleep (must press bluetooth button on/off)

No Ethernet after sleep.

LeMaurien19 said...

great feedback. now if people could put these in the HP Mini/Compaq page over ProjectOSX as indicated in the post, that would be really wonderful :)

the developers are there, they can guide you which details you can provide - hardware, etc. - to help shed light on these bugs.


Tetonne said...

10.6.7 works great
my personal advice : stay there do not upgrade to 10.6.8


Anonymous said...

I have KP after 10.6.8 update following the read-me 1st procedure in Tetonne's Retail Pack 20110630v1.

My 311-1002TU was running fine in 10.6.7. I have 3GB of RAM. Could it be the problem on this Retail Pack? I guess I'll find out by removing 1GB to test.

Anonymous said...

Do we suppose to use back 10.6.7's IOPCIFamily.kext & AppleACPIPlatform.kext even with Tetonne's Retail Pack 20110630v1?

On my desktop using GA-H55M-USB3 motherboard, I managed to install 10.6.8 successfully by using back both kexts from 10.6.7.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great news there :)

Please don't put efforts on making the 311 Lion compatible, or should I say 10.7.0 compatible.

10.7.1 seems to be coming very soon and 10.7.2 has just been seeded to devs :p

So working on 10.7.2 might be better =D

Thank you for all that you've done. I'll stick with my 10.6.6 Snow Leopard until it's lion ready!

Anonymous said...

mini 311c won't work on 10.7 retail cos it's 64 bit

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the webcam no longer works in 10.6.8 on this pack. it is still working for me on the pack I'm running but it lacks brightness control. Facetime will work with the built-in camera or an external one. Facetime does not work with the Lion install on my desktop. It seems to be a known issue on the support forums. I hope it gets fixed in the next update.


joedr said...

Hi All,

This is my first post here! So, thanks to LeMaurien19 and all devs that have put a lot of time to make the mini in OSX available to us!

Just for clarification.... Does this package supersedes the "manual" modification listed on June 2011?

I am still in 10.6.4 (Had a Bios hiccup and had to resolder the Bios chip after offline programming witha SPI programmer) and want to be sure I follow the right upgrade path.

My main concern is that I do not see any chameleon upgrade or change. Not sure if the 10.6.8 will break my current boot configuration and had to install/tweak chameleon before reboot. Can anyone confirm either way?

Thanks so much in advanced!


Anonymous said...

someting's wrong...

pmset -g ps always gives 'AC Power' even when unplugged. just noticed it a few days ago. still in 10.6.7

Tetonne said...

confirm that the how to is working (i modify it for 10.6.8 v1.1)
but the isight cam is not found as in the first release on 10.6.8.

so we lost things
10.6.7 is better up to me

@ the maurien19 : are u thinking about a new computer (next one lol) that would be able to use Lion?

LeMaurien19 said...

I could easily get a real Mac that would run OS X Lion. What with a little discipline here and there (not too much Starbucks coffee or shopping), I'm sure $999 won't be that hard to save.
BUT the allure of getting a PC work with OS X is more captivating. Buying a Mac is too easy a way.
It's the journey and the lessons learned that matters really. :D

Anonymous said...

hi, is it possible to use this 10.6.8 hack on older mini1000 series?