10 August 2011


Nothing is the same as it was before.

All the Mac-centric sites that I love reading have ceased to talk about Snow Leopard. Clearly, Lion is now the darling of the crowd, living perhaps to the reputation of the actual feline this latest version of Mac OS X (pronounced as "Mac OS Ten" - y'all knew that, right? ;D) where it got its name from, Mac OS X Lion is now the king of the Mac jungle, Hackintosh outskirts encompassed in the territory.

My HP Mini 311-1002TU no longer runs Snow Leopard; it's on Windows 7 Starter Edition. And before you post your violent reactions on my sudden "traitor streak" as comments on this post, the current arrangement is but temporary. 
LeMaurien19 is no longer working as a French translator for a US based IT company here in the Philippines. I've tendered my resignation after working there for almost 4 years just a few weeks ago as I have accepted a job opportunity in Singapore to join once more the ranks of customer service representatives (CSR's). If you didn't know, I used to be a call-center agent - that was my first job. Back then, it wasn't labelled as such; my position was stated as "BPO Analyst". Really now?
But I think the new job (3rd job), though less prestigious in print compared to the translation job (2nd), is still up one level from the 1st; at least I don't have to answer calls. Just e-mail. E-mail licence key and claims related  matters in French. I've got a feeling my dormant Italian will be exploited (and I mean exploited in a quite negative way). Plus the pay is better and I get to experience working abroad, amid different culture.
I'm putting Windows 7 on the Mini 311 and gonna put up with it until after I pass the immigration and customs at Changi airport this weekend.

I stayed up all night and until almost 3AM this morning experimenting with USB's and OS X Snow Leopard.  But this drain on my bodily energy (I woke up today with a nose still congested from allergies) proved to be a gain in hackintosh knowledge after all. Or make that "personal hackintosh knowledge". If a GPT formatted USB flashdrive won't boot your 311 even with Chameleon already installed, try using MBR instead.
Looks like it's time to make some new How-To. I hope I get the time and chance.

So there you have it: this gal is moving to Singapore and hasn't finished packing yet. 2 more pairs of shoes to shove into that valise, and it's all ok. I hope so.

Oh, and I lost my iPod touch by the way. It happened Friday last week while I was shopping for a suitable luggage/suitcase to bring with me. I'm still brokenhearted over the loss. But hey, I'm going to Singapore whose Sim Lim Square is a purported tech/gadget haven. Hopefully I can replace my beloved iPoddy and then, who knows, get my first Mac (finally)!


WoofWoof said...

Welcome to Singapore! I'm in Singapore too. :-P

To buy an iPod you don't have to goto Sim Lim Sq, unless you're looking for pc parts, try Funan in City Hall, any authorised Mac seller can offer better service and you less likely to get cheated being a foreigner.

Or try store.apple.com/sg they even have refurb units at cheaper price.

LeMaurien19 said...

Thanks WoofWoof. I'll keep that in mind.

Mowgli said...

Get yourself a new MBA, "ils d├ęchirent"... :D

Rehearsal Max said...

Good luck for your new adventure!
I followed this tread from Italy for weeks and I'm now typing from my "just" hackintoshed mini311.
Thanks for all of your effort and once again GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

Good luck.
BTW, the best way to get past airport security without having to reformat your notebook is to stick a linux-bootable MMC (preferably Slax so it intimidates (it boots directly into command prompt), and because ubuntu is already pretty mainstream) and then disable your hard drive.

LeMaurien19 said...
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LeMaurien19 said...

It's what I would've preferred...but unfortunately, the Mini 311 (as far as I know) cannot boot with the MMC/SD card. :(

Thanls for the wishing me well guys. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

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Good luck with your new job.