24 August 2011


My HP Mini 311's 2 GB DDR 3 Kingston stick has finally died on me. Just exactly after a year and it's ready to say goodbye. Perhaps it didn't take to the Singapore weather as well as I thought it would. Or maybe that's the consequence of my installing Windows 7 on it which turned to be of no use at all since nobody at the Changi Airport Terminal 2 whatever OS I was running on my netbook.

But I'm still not giving up on my 311 even though my new company issued me a nice HP EliteBook 8460p laptop for work and which I can bring home from work for personal use.

I'm thinking of scouring the shops in Sim Lim and Bugis this weekend to get a new 2 GB stick. Hopefully, this one will last.

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Anonymous said...


After following the USB guide I have 10.6.4 up and running on my Mini 311. The problem is that i dont have a extra folder at /Extra. Am i doing something wrong? I have tried to find it via Terminal and finder but no luck. I want to upgrade to 10.6.8 but as i dont have a /extra folder i dont know how. Please help.

Great guide otherwise!