24 March 2011

Patience Is A Virtue

I lost my marbles, admittedly. And on something that didn't merit it because it was really juvenile. Yep, as juvenile as a little toddler throwing (the usual) tantrums. Being, I presume, a year or two older or perhaps a bit more, I wasn't supposed to cave in. But a Neanderthal is also human. Err...human-like?

I've witnessed individuals get bruised by naturally abrasive people. It all added up and like a teapot, steam just had to get exhausted somehow.

After taking a relish out of biting back and it was a bit fun really - kinda like squeezing on a stress ball, you know, it bounces back to its shape; resistence - and after making sure I neither have to make one name into a banner for this blog nor append it to every sentence I write on each post like a punctuation mark, I guess the initial irritation just needed some venting which was also in behalf of all who endured a similar ordeal, and hopefully, I'm back to my happy, pleasant self.

As a line from my fave Korean serial says: "There's no guideline on irritable nerves!"

I can still write about my experiences as an owner of an HP Mini 311 running OS X Snow Leopard here as freely as I've always had. I was once afraid that menacing hands would rip this sort of tech diary that I keep. Thanks for the comments; I realized that "Hey, this is my diary! People can write their own diaries if they don't like what they read in mine." and I really should not be affected - as if anyone can stop you from writing on your own journal right?

We know that we are mere n00bs in this frightening OSx86 world. We know we are forever indebted to those who have the genius and the talent that make this hobby possible. We know that very well and we're not taking credit for anyone else's contribution but rather just spreading word about it.

10.6.7 is out. I should update asap.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!


mosslack said...

So glad you are still fighting the good fight. We need people to spread the word and keep the faith. BTW, my 311 is still running on your last guide so mine needs the update to 10.6.7 as well. I have done a lot of my systems, but not so the 311 and my poor 1201N is still on 10.6.4!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you returned! I bought the 311c a year ago, specifically because of your blog. I couldn't have done it without you (and I consider myself a highly computer-skilled boy).

I have some new challenges for you: TRIM support for SSD (yes, I am the guy who put an SSD in his 311c last year and reported about it here, booting in less than 25 seconds).
Some french guys hacked a 10.6.7 kext to support any non-Apple-branded SSD.
Could you be the first one in the world to create an installer specifically about this issue? :-)

The hacked kext is here:


Anonymous said...

this is your show. SHINE.

mosslack said...

Don't know if you noticed, but Kappy and THe KiNG have managed to get your support thread closed on InsanelyMac. It's a shame, at least there one could get access to information without feeling like they were idiot's by going to the ProjectOSX thread. Maybe someone should start a private thread on a forum which allows such things. At least then one could have some control over who posted. Hope you are doing well.

Connorthecreator said...

I'm glad you're not quitting this venture and would like to personally thank you for everything you have done to help us HP mini Hackintoshers.
Thanks to you and you many posts/guides/videos I was able to get my HP mini 311-1037NR to 99%-100% working order (though admittedly I did make some tweaks to your methods, like I still use the EFI partition to house my bootloader and Extras folder(filled with all my kexts as it was causing kernel panic in S/L/E)) (I have perfect sleep, Ethernet after sleep, USB after sleep, sound, track prefpane, etc.) please keep up the good work, we're all counting on you.

Anonymous said...

I have to clear up some things:

1. This was my small comment about your blog:
"Funny I don't see my nick anywhere in that place guess she/he dosen't like me much, instead I see a big donut, same story all over the net..."

After this you got inflamated and start writting "ombilicated" messages/posts, with one scope, insulting me.

2. I never asked you to remove the donate button or close your blog, that was your decission. Is well known my opinnion about donations, especial on blogs that provide guides or "help" people and nothing else, so my remark on projectosx forum shouldnt surprise you, and is the reason why I am there and not on other forums.

3. What I asked you was to respect open source community and give proper credits to people who spend *n hours so you and other can enjoy your mini hack, and you didn't.

4. I waited 3 days hopping that someone would take an action and remove kappy's post on IM, since he was not in position to guide people where/what to post, even you a moderator on IM didn't took any action, so I had to reply, you know the result...

5. Reading the comments here on your blog, especial those not signed from man's w/o balls, I got to MowgliBook words that some people simple do not deserve the work I and others do, so in the future I will not release anything related to HP Mini 311.


Anonymous said...

i guess the last comment means lemaurien will be getting a macbook this payday to spare her all the headache and angst of bridging n00bs and kings.

it was all good while it lasted.
good job y'all!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a mess!

N00bs do need a home. This has been an excellent resource and a place to turn for help.

Here's my two penneth. The source of the work has never been hidden here. By the same token it has never trumpeted - perhaps a link from the home to the projectosx page may take care of that? I'll leave that suggestion to the owner.

The KiNG there is a consequence, you may get lots of silly n00b questions on the dev forum. I've passed the test (as you know anyone can with any reasonable google skills ), but I have enough sense to know that I am not up to the mark to post there and impede the good work. Will others have the same sense to hold back until they're up to speed? I suspect not.

THe KiNG do not get me wrong you deserve the credit, as does Meklort and lots of others. I'm deeply indebited to Meklort as I run a OSX Dell 1011 too. Meklort even offered me n00b advice. When it would have made more sense for him to have focused effort on development. This is the reason I am taking the time to post about his issue.

To illustrate the n00b need take the recent DSDT in BIOS - do I assume I flash my BIOS with the file? 99% sure I do, but flashing your BIOS should not be undertaken lightly IMHO. Is it for 1mb or a 2mb BIOS chip - how do I check? Yep Google is good and yes we should not be afraid to do some leg work. Also I know if I am playing this game I have to be willing to take risks and I may brick my 311 (but there is no need to be an idiot). That is why a learning resource to turn to with other similar level users is needed and hopefully some of us will be able to contribute to the scene at some point (even if it is just testing). This also reduces the n00bs urges to post on the dev forum - surely that's good?

The KiNG I didn't know the IM history - for what it is worth I think LeMaurien19 had left the scene for a while at that point - look at her 27/01/11 post.

I hope you can settle your differences.

Thanks to The KiNG et al.