08 August 2010

Blank Screen On Wake

The HP Mini 311 Darwin Project user experience, as of this point in time, is anything but uniform across users and HP Mini 311 models.

The cause of the problem remains unknown; there've been a healthy doze of speculations circulating ranging from the amount of RAM installed, DSDT.aml hacks, and some hocus-pocus voodoo thing I may have incorporated into the HPM311DP_063010HF6RC4.pkg installer. 

Yeah, right. Go figure. 

For the last time, let me say that I did NOT incorporate any hocus-pocus voodoo thingy and I also suggest we go forward with this issue. There's a workaround - rebuild Extensions.mkext. And this can be done in 2 ways:
  1. Mkext Tool
  2. Alter EFI v1.4's "Edit Kexts" option
Here's a short screen cap/video (sorry for the crappy quality - I had this recorded via Quick Time X using mic from the iPhone 3G earbuds, processed with iMovie and it churned it out like this):
Personally, I'd say it's Mkext Tool that's dealing with the dark arts here as I do not have the slightest inkling of how it builds the mkext. Sure it's the same set of kexts in /Extra/Extensions - the same ones we have packed in Retail Pack 0.9 Extensions.mkext, but for some reason, it has solved the blank screen on wake issue for some.

Alter EFI v1.4's "Edit Kexts", on the other hand, builds the mkext from /Extra/Extensions AND /System/Library/Extensions and as a matter of fact, poofyhairguy and I ended up calling it a "super mkext". Solves the blankscreen issue for him, this one, but not Mkext Tool.

So I leave it up to you to try both and see which one works for you.

Or maybe none would - that, I'm afraid, is beyond my understanding as the standard Retail Pack 0.9 or HPM311DP_063010HF6RC4.pkg works brilliantly for my setup.


Anonymous said...

some people say that this is caused by the 10.6.4 appleintegratedbuffer kext. they got wakeup working in their msiwinds (i think i read that topic there) by rolling back to the working version.
I on the other hand resorted to a dsdt edit (drawback is that brightness adjust no longer works after wakeup. edit found in the netbookinstaller discussion threads). oh well.

LeMaurien19 said...

^The issue is some have sleep working perfectly fine, including myself, with 10.6.4 using the default project released installer. Others have sleep working perfectly using the 2 workarounds mentioned here.

But thanks for pointing out the change with AppleIntegratedBuffer, assuming that the video related kext has direct impact on mousing ability, it can be something related to PS2Controller and perhaps, that "backtrace invalid-frame pointer" kernel panic.

Mumble said...

I've tried both these methods using bootcd-altps2 and your dual boot method, however I keep encountering problems. After trying to use the mkext tool after 2 reboots sleep and resume would work but I lost sound so reran hf6rc4 and it was working again but I lose sleep. try both wake fixes and it still doesn't work.
I've had looping fans/hdd spinning or just blank screen.
Been trying different methods for a few weeks now probably most successful was using hf4 boot creator but after using hf6rc4 i lost use of usb apart from a usb mouse worked?
Could this be to do with im installing from a 10.6.3 SL install disk?