25 August 2010

8th of 12

Not my birthday and neither is it my anniversary with my imaginary boyfriend.

So I checked my e-statement just now and I was a bit surprised that this was already the 8th installment payment for my HP Mini 311.

Yeah, yeah, I can't afford to pay for my stuff in cold cash. The last gadget or (oh, alright, I'll be honest) netbook that I bought cash at a brick-and-mortar store was my MSI Wind. Well, if you count in the HP Mini 1001TU which I got pre-owned from a local forum, then it's the Mini that's the last netbook I bought cash.

The point is, or rather my poor justification of preferring installment payment method for gadgets, err, netbooks is that I think of it as if I were just renting the gadget monthly; I pay as I wear (hopefully not "tear") out the machine in daily use. Not that I'm someone who'd drive the hell out of her gadgets of course. Quite the contrary, I tend to be meticulous about the care I give my stuff :D

I hope my HP Mini 311 lasts. Which seems to be a viable aspiration if based only on the results of my little poll :D
I've just wired my payment just now and there's only 4 more payments to go then it's time to replace my Mini 311 with a new netbook!



*This is in Philippine peso, not US dollars so my Mini 311 is not one that's encrusted with diamonds and plated in genuine gold. Nor is it reason for you suspect this as the reason why my hackintosh setup runs fine.

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