13 August 2010


In the course of time between my switching to Blogger from Wordpress and now, I've been running AdSense adds on this site. They're supposed to be a source of revenue but in my case, they've been more of visual ornaments or perhaps nuisance rather than income. I am clearly not "raking it in big time". No, sir.

And now Google has decided to disable my AdSense account. Because of "Invalid activity".
I am eternally grateful for the thought of wanting me to earn a bit from my sometimes fun, sometimes informative, sometimes just plain nonsensical yapping. And for that, to those who have clicked on the ads here, I do not know you personally but you may stop clicking now and with all my heart I thank you for your effort to help even though what little earning I may have made in more than a year of blogging here at Blogger will probably never get to my hands.

Anyway, this can't stop me from posting and sharing what I can with you all, AdSense or no AdSense.

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...

dang sista, I feel ya. In about 4 months I just got about 15 bucks, and I can not retrieve any until the $100 mark, Has anybody bought you a beer?

LeMaurien19 said...

Someone, very long ago, did, $20. But actually, he couldn't access paypal so he gifted me amazon credits. But amazon doesn't ship to where I am so...anyway.