20 August 2010


Couldn't resist it.

Got myself a new, dirt cheap, Cherry Mobile P1.

It's your most basic of cellphones - SMS and call features only. Ok, if we count the "alarm" as "organizer", 3 features then. D'oh! 

I love the small form factor. It's hardly bigger than the square area of a regular credit card, or as seen in the pic below, an MRT stored value card.

I would've wanted a more colorful unit but they only had black remaining when I checked out their booth at a nearby mall.
the red one looks decent enough

Apparently these babies are selling like hot cakes!

Haven't we heard netbooks described that way too - "selling like hot cakes" - before?

If it's worth its Php 999 ($ 22) price tag, that I'll see as I use it as a secondary cellphone mainly for dealing on line for sourcing my PC stuff :D


Anonymous said...

How thick is it? I would love to put it next to my thin wallet and not feel the regular phone bulk.

Also... about the for dealing on line for sourcing PC stuff, does that mean I can call you with a "technical matter"? ;)

LeMaurien19 said...

The thinnest part of the HP Mini 311 (only the lower deck, lid NOT included) is thicker than this cellphone. And yes, you can put it in your wallet.

As for the "technical matter", err, I'm no hardware guro - I just buy parts online, from forums here where I am, of course.