09 August 2010

Proof of Concept: Microsoft Exchange

I think I'm brewing a flu right now so I went MIA from the office today.

But being the paranoid that I am, I just gotta check my e-mail. Usually I do this via OWA or Outlook Web App. Our company has recently moved to Outlook, leaving Lotus Notes behind. I say rightly so, I used to hate Lotus Notes and over the years, have found myself missing it. Yes, that's how bad things have gotten; I've come to love a horrendous app. 

So I answered some fresh e-mails that just came in my OWA inbox while I watched, or rather listened to, Bertrand Serlet's introduction of Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Yeah, that's how much of an Apple fangirl I am, thank you, my equally Apple fanboy of an older cousin, my kuya Jay, will be proud. 

And then I came to this point of the keynote where Microsoft Exchange support in Snow Leopard was discussed. I already know this to be a fact but hadn't quite tried it. So I did.

And it works! Good thing that we're using Exchange 2007 at work.

Proof of Concept of MS Exchange working on Snow Leopard:
Setting up my account in Mail was a breeze
Now that meeting last Friday is haunting me indeed...
Contacts in Address Book are loading. or so it seems...

This is one very sexy-looking office work environment, I'd say. Although I don't count on Address Book to be able to load the bajillion contacts our Exchange server has.


Michael said...

My understanding is that global address lists don't actually load the list of contacts, but will show you any contact you want when you use the search tool. Really great for me with my ipod touch at my old school, since the only other option was to use a terrible web outlook interface, guess what someone's email address was, and then hit the "check name" button to see if you got it right. Talk about dark ages.

LeMaurien19 said...

Oh so that's just how it works then. I was actually beginning to fear that all those contacts would be saved locally in my computer, taking up space - which I definitely wouldn't wanna happen.

Thanks for the info.