29 July 2010

iPod Touch + Yosion Case = iPhone?

I must say I'm partial to supposedly lesser things made to work like more substantial things.

iPod touch case can give it text messaging and calling capabilities - no GPRS for the mean time. Hurray for Apple Peel 520 (very cheeky of the Chinese company Yosion to call their product that).

Now my desire to replace my aging iPod classic with the touch is growing more intense, and perhaps getting the better of me?

Gotta settle the installment payment for my HP Mini 311 first and my Nokia 5530.

Oh and after that, I've to pay for the two new pair of eye glasses - for me and for my mom...

I'm afraid the public school teacher life I'm envisioning in the (very) near future would be in shambles if I don't stash up dough instead of credit right now while I still have the means or so it seems.

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