14 July 2010

VoodooHDA + CHUD = Kernel Panic

If you're a Mac OS X developer wannabe like me, you probably find that a Snow Leopard installation is never complete without the Developer Tools. It's what that Optional folder contains if you look inside a Mac OS X Retail DVD and once it's installed you get a powerful set of applications and tools that though intended for development for legit Macs, have proven to be beneficial to hackintosh/OSx86 rigs.

Those "HF" releases wouldn't exist if not for PackageMaker, an application included in the Developer Tools package.

But PackageMaker is only one the many apps that come with Developer Tools - there's that very helpful IORegistry app for checking out your hardware as you tinker with DSDT, and Xcode of course, etc. But then there's also CHUD.

I get Kernel Panics more often with VoodooHDA reported as misbehaving which didn't happen when Developer Tools still weren't installed in my system.

Enter CHUD remover:
I normally just search for it from Spotlight, so I wouldn't know the exact path to the remover.

Apparently, CHUD kexts (they get installed in /S/L/E btw) do not play well with VoodooHDA.kext.

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