06 July 2010

Snow Leopard Guide for HP Mini 311 Updated!

I finally found time to update the Snow Leo installation guide for the HP Mini 311 but, for now, only for one install method that uses Mac OS X Retail DVD disc and optical drive. It includes a new booter and covers 10.6.4 update as well.

image from commentcamarche.ne

You can also access the guide in the "Guides" tab on my blog.

I'll add the other install method, specifically USB drive/restored OS X DVD image + MultiBootISO, which is also my preference. But that's for later when I have time again.

Also I'm still deciding whether I should put that in one post/guide or in a different post altogether and just reference it on the first guide?


Ted said...

I cannot flash my bios with icelord i posted a comment under your directions this is what happens:

I have tried two different usb flash drives and this isn't working for me. I formatted in FAT32, threw the file on it. Followed directions. My system doesn't beep and the fans do not come on when i turn the machine on still holding the buttons. Screen however does remain black and my machine makes a noise like you're turning it off (does this in a loop it seems, just the noise) I turned the machine on and i'm still on bios F12 :( Did this several times, same result. I dont have an os on my machine yet, but that shouldn't matter right?

Ted said...

PS. I have the two megabyte bios. PLEASE HELP!

LeMaurien19 said...

That bios, as already stated in the Flashing Guide in its original version (I've updated it just now), is included in MowgliBook's Retail Pack 0.9. Although, in that pack, the bios roms are not yet renamed to the proper filename.

At any rate, I made the initiative to rename the 2MB rom file to "3651.BIN" and put it up on my mediafire account and linked the download to the guide.

Ted said...


Ted said...

I tried four times with four different usb devices. These are the same ones that i've used as booters for Snow Leo. I don't know why it's still not working :(

Anonymous said...

Is it worth flashing F15 to run snow leo if I already have F14 ?

LeMaurien19 said...

^If you're using icelord cracked bios, then F.15 is more stable than F.14 based on my personal experience. Specifically in terms of overclocking.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just a note to say I had a nightmare trying to manually flash my 311-1101sa bios from F12 to F15(16). The following advice is at your own risk ;-)

For manually flashing the 2mb update, shortening the bios file name to 3651.bin wouldnt work, but 36511.bin worked on mine and it didnt brick.

Hope this helps.