01 January 2010

How to manually flash your BIOS with icelord's hacked one

CAUTION: The following instructions below are to be carried out AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not responsible for any damage resulting from this.

UPDATE: My HP Mini 311 is a 311-1002TU to be exact. It uses a 1MB BIOS rom file and this is what this guide refers to. Should yours require the 2MB BIOS rom file, then use the 2MB file included in the .zip file.

What You Need:
1. USB flash drive - the HP Mini 311, some say, is picky with USB's. Use one that you've tested to work before - in the previous BIOS updates, F.15 and below.
2. Icelord's F.16 - This bios image has a customized logo, a happy Mac, by MowgliBook. Unzip the package and rename either the 1MB or 2MB file 3651.BIN. Depending on your HP Mini 311 model - Google is your best friend in finding out which file your Mini 311 uses.

Prepare the USB to be used as BIOS flasher:
1. Format the USB drive to FAT32 - I normally do this in Windows, just to be sure using the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.
2. Put 3651.BIN, the one you downloaded above, to the USB drive.

Flash the BIOS:
1. Turn off the HP Mini 311 and remove the battery. Make sure you plug its AC adapter to electricity source.
2. Plug in the USB BIOS flasher - I prefer using the USB port at the left, along side the AC adapter/power port.
3. Press "Windows" and "B" keys at the same time. Hold for around 15 seconds.
4. Without letting go of "Windows" and "B" keys, press the Power button to turn on the machine. Wait for about 15 seconds.                                           
5. Let go of the two keys simultaneously. In the next 10 - 30 seconds or so, your HP Mini 311 will beep and its fan will run. DO NOT TURN IT OFF or do anything, let it do its own thing and IT WILL TURN OFF ON ITS OWN.
6. Plug in the battery back and plug out the USB BIOS flasher. Verify that you do have F.15 bios by pressing F10 before the computer loads the OS.

Addendum: If your USB flashdrive, formatted as FAT32 via Windows default formatting feature, try formatting it with the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool linked above. If it sill doesn't work despite following the flashing guide closely, then it might be that your USB flashdrive is unfortunately of the kind that is not compatible with the HP Mini 311 (see comment at #1 in "What You Need" section). Use another USB.


Ted said...

I have tried two different usb flash drives and this isn't working for me. I formatted in FAT32, threw the file on it. Followed directions. My system doesn't beep and the fans do not come on when i turn the machine on still holding the buttons. Screen however does remain black and my machine makes a noise like you're turning it off (does this in a loop it seems, just the noise) I turned the machine on and i'm still on bios F12 :( Did this several times, same result. I dont have an os on my machine yet, but that shouldn't matter right?

LeMaurien19 said...

The Guide has been updated. Actually, both the 1 MB and 2 MB BIOS files are in Retail Pack 0.9 if we are paying attention to what we read in this guide. ;)

The BIOS files in there just need to be renamed as "3651.BIN" so they can be used for manual flashing.

Nam said...

There is a mistake in your guide.

The filename supposed to be 3651.bin but you had it as 3561.bin

LeMaurien19 said...

^The actual .BIN files are nevertheless named correctly - which is what's more important. It's the text/typo. But thanks anyway, I'll correct the text.

Dave said...

Two questions:

1. How can I determine what size my BIOS (I used Google, but my Google-Fu is weak)?

2. If I have F.15 installed already on my Mini 311 (should get tomorrow), I can just flash whatever is the appropriate file (1mb or 2mb)?

Thanks for your help.

LeMaurien19 said...

1. It's quite a tricky deal to be honest, and if I were you, there's only one thing I can think of doing: use "Google-Fu" to verify what bios my Mini 311 model no. (mine's a 311-1002TU for example), or ask in forums. Takes time but at least you can be sure.

2. I won't suggest experimenting - any normal person wouldn't recommend playing with the bios, but being my normal stubborn self I'd say I'd try flashing with the 1MB bin file first and then if that didn't do the trick, I'd risk using the 2MB one. It's a sure way of frying things but that's how I learned.

Dave said...

Thank you. I found out that older systems 30xx normally have the 1mb and newer systems 31xx have the 2mb. My mini should be arriving today.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the guide!
Im having problems,...
Im installing on a mini 311 - 1000CA.

I can boot the bootcd_altps2. It takes me to a screen where it asks that I remove the boot disk and insert snow leopard. I swap disks and nothing happens. The drive will spin up but it doesn't seem to be recognized. Also, there is the following txt flashing in the background:
"unable to find 64bit kernel
cant find mach-kernel"

any thoughts?


Tetonne said...

Flash BIOS : ( Thanks to mattday)
download official bios from HP :

Download the file from HP
Extract file drag on 7zip for example
Extract the seven files from last file (you can use 7zip again)
The ROM image files are named either:
3651???0.fd for machines with 1Mb BIOS (i.e. 311-10??)
3651???1.fd for machines with 2Mb BIOS, (i.e. 311-11??)
Download the appropriate hacked ROM ( Icelord's F.15 : http://www.mediafire.com/?xdnaz2jluyz) image 3651F15, and replace the corresponding official image.
Icelord's F.15 bios so you will be able to change wifi card directly)
Run InsydeFlash.exe

LeMaurien19 said...

Did you press F5 to refresh the list after swapping the boot cd with your Snow Leo Retail DVD?

Anonymous said...

I just followed your instructions. My Mini 311 has been "flashing" for 35 minutes. I'm too scared to turn it off....What should I do?

LeMaurien19 said...

^Sorry but I've no idea. That didn't happen to me.

No point in waiting the whole day when you say it looks like it's stuck/not working.

Hope you're still covered with the warranty.

This is, after all, a "do it on your own risk" stuff. It's up to you to research which bios file size your specific Mini 311 uses. I could not possibly know each and every model (311-1002TU etc. etc. etc) and which bios file size each use.

Rude said...

Mattday wrote a tutorial saying:

3651???0.fd for machines with 1Mb BIOS (i.e. 311-10??)
3651???1.fd for machines with 2Mb BIOS, (i.e. 311-11??)

I've just flashed the 1MB bios on my 311-1070 and it worked, but hey, PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. I got a Compaq 311 1110EG running Mac OS X 10.6.4 fine but I need to unlock the half-size PCIE-slot for a new Wifi card.

I wanted to flash the BIOS. I tried out the 1MB and the 2MB ROM size. I tried out F14 and F15 de-whitelisted. I tried out 6 different USB flash drive with FAT16 or FAT32 formatted through the HP tool. But no chance...
I plug in the flash drive and do exactly those things described above like holding down Win + B etc. The only thing that happens is that the screen keeps blank and the USB drive's lamp is flashing. Then I hear the speakers popping again and again like it is restarting after 2-5 secs over and over.
I need to hold down the power button to end this infinite loop and BIOS remains the same and is untouched after that.

Please help me!

Anonymous said...

Anon here. I got it working now. The Win + B method didn't work for me so I spent 1,5 hrs restoring the Windows recovery image from the DVDs just to flash the BIOS with the .exe for a minute. But hey it worked and my system is running with the new wifi card now!

Best regards

Michael said...

Hi! Great Site! I've installed OSX on my HP 311-1120SO, and thought I was on my way to having a great small mac, but now I am a bit worried that if I should have flashed the bios BEFORE I installed the OSX.

I think that I should use the 2mb bios from Icelord, if it is possible to flash AFTER installing OSX.

Does anyone know what to do?

Anonymous said...

hank you very much LeMaurien, I have used just about all your guides and I love my mini311. just a question I am hoping you could help me with. i have installed icelord's hacked f.15 bios 91mb version). how can I change my bios logo from the ugly HP logo to the one like you have, the Apple logo?
Thank you for your help

Anonymous said...

I have looked all over the internet but so far have had no luck finding which size of icelord's bios fits my machine. What BIOS file size should I use on the hp mini 311-1037nr? I was thinking the 1mb size but was wondering if anyone knew for sure. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Anonymous the 1MB bios worked for my 1037NR - should work for yours.

RoyalCrestDrive said...

2MB bios BRICKED my 1037NR - use the 1MB. had to buy new bios chip on ebay and solder it in. ugh.

LeMaurien19 said...

Sad to hear that. But thanks for sharing the info on your Mini 311 model. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi LeMaurien
is just put the 3651.BIN file to the flash USB drive? or whole folder with all other files??

Anonymous said...


My Compaq Mini 311c-1010SS uses 1MB BIOS. Hope this help.

loewe said...


after flashing the bios worked fine for me, I tried a little bit of OC.
I followed the howto hre, but mi mini said afterwards it is working still at 1600mhz. so I tried a little more OC and since then my mini is bricked. I tried to flash manually with several usb-sticks and 1mb and 2mb roms!
As RoyalCrestDrive said I have to solder...
Where do I find the bios chip in my mini?
Do I have to remove anything around the mainboard, or is it enough to remove the keyboard?
Can anybody help me please?

P.S: It is an 311c-1010SG

loewe said...

solved it for myself, thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

hi LeMaurien,

would you do me a favour. i'm using your modified bios f16 with apple logo. is it possible that you provide the same version without the apple?

greetings from,
Ed Exley

Peter Carlington said...

Can any one tell me that the 1mb bios file work better to flash ?

Derick Android said...

I know its 2016 but anyone still have the hack bios? i got a free hp mini 311-1037nr and was wondering if anyone still have the OC bios. I have downloaded SetFSB and OC Tuner but they do not work for me.


Guiller Gardoce said...

My BIOS version now is F.16 as an update of HP .. is it needed to downgrade my BIOS version to F.15 before I can flash the Icelord's F.16? Thanks in advance.

Guiller Gardoce said...


Can you teach me how to format and install windows 7 in HP MINI 311-1002TU? because I always get the "NMI: Channel Check/IOCHK" Error.

Anonymous said...

I've dug out my old 311 and am trying to overclock it - Where can I download icelord's BIOS now? myhpmini.com seems to have expired. If you still have it, could you post it somewhere?

Mixelangel said...
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Mixelangel said...

^ You can download it from Icelord's blog:
HP/Compaq Mini 311 - Bios F.16 Full Hack