21 January 2010

If This Baby Will Run OSx86, I Want It!

This is one of those moments - right there in the spot along skinny Chinese models with pearly white skin (and teeth) - that I wish I were born Chinese instead. That way, besides the possibility of being one of the runway's prized beauties or starring in my own asian drama, I could easily get myself one of these MacBook Air knockoffs for 1,700 RMB (around $250) - not bad. But I'm no Chinese and I can't get this netbook unless I specifically go to China on vacation.

They added an extra tiny leaf for the half bitten apple; and that makes it their original? Kinky!

Even packaging perhaps aspires to be Mac-like:

But it runs Windows XP and not Mac OS X

If I were Chinese, would I be smart and then make significant contributions to the OSx86 community?

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