08 January 2010

The Battle Continues

I feel forever grateful to those great hackintosher legends in the OSx86 arena who just won't give up for the love of freedom and out-of-the-box thinking.

It's no recent news that Apple's about to unleash yet another update to Snow Leopard dubbed 10.6.3 which started to creep in Apple-centric sites in the websphere since December last year. This is the next point release after 10.6.2 which, like its predecessor, is expected to include a new kernel (10.6.1 preserved stock 10.6's kernel) and so, like its predecessor, we're expecting 10.6.3 to be hostile to the Atom processors our precious little MacBook Mini's run on as well.

Good thing the community is prepared and initial efforts have been put forward for OSx86 users even before 10.6.3 has been officially released as downloadable point upgrade at Apple's site.
Read more details at meklort's blog.

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