06 January 2010

O Hardware, Hardware, Wherefore Art Thou...

...Hardware? Deny thy clockspeed and refuse thy UUID; or if thou will not, be but sworn my love and I will no longer be a (good) hackintosh.

LeMaurien19: (because Hardware is not properly recognized, hence cannot say his line) Shall I hear more, or shall tweak (EFI kexts) at this?

Your hackintosh can camouflage as any Mac model - a MacBook, MacPro3,3, MacBook Air etc. One way to get that done is edit your smbios.plist's keys and strings and put it in /Extra for Chameleon to read and load as it boots OS X. But it's not perfect - I for one, cannot rectify my system's UUID via smbios edit; I've had to add a UUID.kext containing my AirPort Extreme card's MAC address (actually just a rebranded Broadcom card that came from the guts of my deceased Mini 1000, bless its silicon soul) to get my UUID reported properly in Snow Leopard as per "genuine Mac practices".

And then there's SMBIOSResolver.kext. In fact, I'm thinking of customizing what I see in System Profiler's report about my HP Mini 311 disguising as a MacBookAir2,1 via SMBIOSResolver.kext.

I'll update this post for the results.

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