03 January 2010

The Crucial Memory Advisory

If there's anything I never could get the hang of it's memory modules nomenclature. "PC-667", "1066 MHz", "DDR", "DDR2", "DDR3". . .etc.

After getting the HP Mini 311 on a 12-month-0%-installment-plan, I actually still have the nerve to contemplate on upgrading its memory. As if the 2048 MB the netbook came with out of the box isn't enough for facebook and all other "heavy" computing tasks that I do (shall I point out I'm using sarcasm right there, or am I being too much like Sheldon already?), my dream is maxing it out to 3072 MB.

The goal therefore is to find the perfect 2 GB stick to swap with the 1 GB stick already in the expansion slot so that if add in the on-board 1 GB, bingo : 3 GB of ram goodness!

So I look at HP's specs sheet for the Mini 311 and note that I should be hunting for a "DDR3 1066 SDRAM" module. A quick Google and a visit to local store's online site spit out stuff like this: PC3-8500, CL=7 1066 MHz and so on and so forth. Seeing those other bits of information, my instincts prompted me to question:
"Wait! So that means there can be other DDR3 1066 MHz but with a different PCx-xxx, CL=x configuration?" (Nosebleed?)
Given that I technically still do not own my netbook, I'd want it to last at least until I get to pay it in full and not kill it with faulty RAM module selection two weeks after I brought it home from the mall. I have to be careful I get the correct module. The HP Mini 311's Service Manual didn't offer much help in confirming the indicated specs of my target DDR3 module and I was pretty much stumped. Good thing there's Crucial's site which lists compatible memory for your gadget - just search for your model's brand model or make and voilĂ ! Instant education on memory naming convention!


Anonymous said...

It'll actually run the next step up in ram. A bunch of people overclocking the mini 311 use it fine.



LeMaurien19 said...

Thanks for the links! :)

Andrew said...

If you run a 64bit operating system on it such as Snow Leopard, you can address up to 4GB of ram.

LeMaurien19 said...

^Cool! Snow Leo really rocks - too bad my 311 only supports only 3 GB ram max.

What's the difference between DDR3 and DDR2 in performance really?