23 January 2010

BTCoexistence feature not supported!

That "B" in there, which I believe is for "bluetooth", makes life as noob hackintosher really hard for me.
So I've installed Snow Leopard on top Leopard on my HP Mini 311. But I haven't been able to boot into the desktop yet.

Using the HP Mini 311 Darwin Project CD to boot my installation on my 311's hard drive (it boots in verbose mode) I could see that the card mentioned above was recognized - something that hadn't happened in fresh Snow Leopard installation. It gives me the MAC address as well for the card, but I can't get to the desktop as I've mentioned already.

The same happens in Leopard - the only difference is that I was able to get into the desktop and see that the system recognizes the WiFi card alright but it's turned off. Bluetooth is not in Leopard is non existent - so much for integrated sutff.

I'm thinking it's gonna be the same exact story in Snow Leopard if and when I get to the desktop.

I'll have to look into this from insanelymac.


poofyhairguy said...

Yeah! Just get a Dell 370 and put it in the full size slot! I have one on the order right now- I will tell you how it works! I will note that mine never came with blue-tooth, so for me it is an experiment.

LeMaurien19 said...

I've already got a Snow Leo compatible card in the form of the HP Mini 1000's Broadcom4312 b/g (not integrated) which I've flashed so it's recognized as AirPort Extreme.

My usual setup is the 311's stock combo BT/WiFi card in the full height extra pci slot and the Mini 1000's wifi card in the half-height (my 311 uses icelord's dewhitelisted F.04 bios) - this way I don't have to get UFL antenna extensions.

I'm just experimenting because of the fun this little exercise gives me. ;)