27 January 2010

AirLife 100

HP's smartbook which runs on Android over SnapDragon technology is a promising machine. Personally I'm liking the build - I'm guessing it's about the same form factor as the HP Mini 1000 (not the Mini 110) as you can see from the hinge design and edge to edge glass LCD panel, also the profile seems as thin as that of the Mini 1000.
An interesting addition is the touch screen that's installed. And since the machine is based on Android, an OS that's essentially browser-centric, the old trackpad with buttons flanking its right and left sides instead of sitting below the trackpad surface like on most notebooks and netbooks, is redesigned with internet browsing in mind. The right button is divided into two: top part becomes a "Home" button and the bottom part resembles an "Back" key for going back to a webpage previously visited. The left button is now divided as well for left and right click. Good thing perhaps as you no longer have to traverse the trackpad surface to get to the other button for right click like before.

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