20 January 2010

Leopard on the HP Mini 311 : Fight Plan No.1

image from geek.pe
Like I've said before, I'm gonna go kext route as initial strategy on enabling Leopard features on the HP Mini 311 and first on the feature is Quartz Extreme.
I found this in the Project OS X forums:

Add your device ID in /system/library/extensions/NVDAResman.kext/contents/info.plist

Add your device ID in /system/library/extensions/NVDANV50Hal.kext/contents/info.plist
Find/download an injecter (any one will do, they're basically the same thing, only plists differ)
Add your device ID in (some_injecter.kext)/contents/info.plist
In the same plist, set the NVCAP string correctly and replace the IOProbeScore number by 0.
My main problem is getting the NVCAP string which I do by using NVCap app to generate a string through the ROM file for Ion which I extract by running NVflash.exe from inside Windows which I don't have installed on my Mini 311 which doesn't accept BartPE since BartPE does not support SCSI (at least my BartPE does not).

Unless I find a readily available NVCAP string for the Ion (which is essentially an nVidia 9400M) on the internet, or find an easy, far from time consuming, way to include SCSI support on my BartPE stick, it's a long shot of installing Windows on my Mini 311.

Then again, I'm not sure whether this would work or not.


Nicolas said...

I have a dual boot with Seven and Leopard (from an ideneb 10.5.8) on my 311c.
Can I help ?
(i would need detailed instructions...)

LeMaurien19 said...

You have Quartz Extreme enabled? How did you do that?

Nicolas said...

No I don't.
That's why I am be interested in your research.
I understood that you needed someone with seven and osx installed on his 311 to run an operation. That's why I offered to help.
But I must have misunderstood.

Meanwhile I finally managed to install a retail Snow Leo on my fixed PC with a P5KC, it's great.