24 January 2010

Vista Issues And Snow Leopard On Top Of Leopard

Perhaps I'm just all too ready to put the blame on Vista. I recently installed Vista on our family PC so my mom could familiarize herself with the OS - it's what they're using now at the office. She would complain about "not being able to find her stuff". I'm complaining about not being able to post on insanelymac. Everytime I attempt to login, it appears to have worked but when I try adding a reply to a thread, it prompts me to login again. Bugger.

Anyhow, since I'll be needing my HP Mini 311 in school this week, I've reverted to my old setup: Broadcom 4312 HMG (card from the HP Mini 1000) in the half-height pci slot and the Broadcom 4312 HMGB combo WiFi + BT that the 311 comes stock with, has been moved to the full height slot (and secured by a tape).

I'm gonna restore a Mac OS X 10.5.6 installation onto a second partition on my 311's drive and then install Mac OS X 10.6 on top to continue the experiment.

I'm wondering if the current setup for my pci slots will have impacts on the results so I'm deliberating whether to roll back or not the 311 to its "stock" state (only 1 wifi card and that's the stock combo card installed in the original half height pci slot).

Either way, one thing's for sure: the stock combo wifi card does show up as "Wireless Third Party" complete with MAC address but cannot be turned on. There was one time when Bluetooth worked - I booted in verbose once and since then the peripheral would always be recognized and working.

Geez, I should've gotten a kextstat running for documentation the first time I went "Snow Leo on top of Leo".

Update: I'm not getting the results I wanted - the ones I got last time - from a double installation. For a refresher, "last time" I wiped out my whole hard drive to install retail vanilla Leopard 10.5.6 and then installed Snow Leopard on top of that as upgrade with the stock combo WiFi+BT card back in its original half-height pci slot on the Mini 311. I had issues with booting up then.
Now I've to have a functional laptop (ok, "netbook" it is) this week for school and a bit of work so I reinstalled Snow Leopard on my 311 via normal HP Mini 311 Darwin Project along with EFI cofiguration. I'm using HF3 with no issues and I'm happy.
Guess what - the "Snow Leo on top of Leo" on the second partition in my hard drive kernel panics. It's not liking something about the stuff Chameleon loads for it from my EFI partition and complains about AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement not suiting its tastes. I'll get back to this next weekend when I don't have to use my Mini MacBook Air for normal non-geeky activities.

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