14 January 2010

Quartz Extreme at the End of the Tunnel?

I wish I didn't have MA class this Saturday so I could begin playing with NVinject, EFI strings, NVCAP etc. - all for the sake of enabling Quartz Extreme in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

So far, on 10.5.6, there are 2 major points I'd like to sort out:
(1) Full graphics hardware accelaration or simply put, enable Quartz Extreme - NVinject method is first for me try
(2) Audio - sound assertions in the dsdt.aml from the HP Mini 311 Darwin Project (which supports Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard exclusively) causes freezes during boot up.

That's 2 out of a legion of "issues" I'm anticipating.

For now, as initial approach in this so-called "reconnaissance stage" with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on the HP Mini 311, I'm using kexts with some EFI strings approach and not dsdt.aml yet (which I hope to arrive at as finishing stages).

Gee, it's like writing my thesis again only this time, it's aiming at less abstract ends than my literature concentrated thesis in college :D


Nicolas said...

Thank you for your work.
It is too bad there is not much support for Leopard on the 311.
I am looking forward for you to find applicable solutions.
I am certain it would be of great interest to many people.

LeMaurien19 said...

I'm also looking forward to Leopard on my own 311 - it'd provide a viable option for 311 owners who don't want to buy replacement wifi cards for Snow Leopard.

But, from my observations, Snow Leopard is the easier Mac OS X version to hackintosh between the two...

Levitra said...

You should do your Thesis again about this. We know it might get you into trouble to Hackintosh an HP computer but at least we have a great idea on how to do this.