30 October 2010

Some Things Don't Make Sense

I forgot to mention that, in fact, I did order a keyboard protector for my Mini MacBook Pro a few months back.

Actually I forgot about the whole thing until yesterday when my dad told me I owed him Php 40. It turned out that he received a parcel from the local post office some time during the week. I paused a bit to chew on that bit of info he had just thrown at me - not because I thought he was trying to pull off an extortion trick on me but because I simply was not expecting any delivery.

But there it was, that familiar little yellow, bubble-wrap padded envelope, sitting on our computer desk at home. It was a silicone skin for the Mini 311 keyboard!

Yeah, I remember ordering that stuff for only Php 145 - free delivery too. But I don't remember exactly what my motivations were to get one.

I'm not gonna lie and justify my purchase; I bought it because it was cheap. I remember paying Php 300 for a silicone keyboard protecter fro my EeePC 701 from a local seller I met at the forums. And perhaps I was suffering from an attack of OCD that time I was surfing ebay and I thought bring the "clinical clean" to my netbook grooming habits? Maybe.

But one thing's for sure - it's not exactly ergonomic to install a keyboard protector on the HP Mini 311. Or maybe it's just this specific cheapo keyboard protector - I thought I was getting one of those ultra thin stuff but the keyboard skin I received wasn't one. Right now, I'm typing this post with the skin on.

I did notice that dust would begin accumulating on the top side which although satisifies my OCD requirements - get that, Dust, you can't get in  between my keyboard keys!!! harharhar - they feel weird under my fingertips, dust bits, that is.

For the meantime, I'm keeping the skin on - I do drink a lot of coffee when I'm working, this skin might just ensure against probable (not just possible, I am clumsy as that) spills.

Wow, I think I'm liking the feel of typing on this thing! Setting aside all the typo errors I'm now more probe to making, I'm getting the hang of this mushy feel :D

This does not make any sense at all...

Do you use a keyboard protector / skin on your Mini 311?


Yaroslav Fedevych said...

I never use such things. In a very dusty environment I would resort to a mask for my face and a rubber/silicone keyboard, but consciously putting obstacles to typing? Meh.

Or am I just typing too much these days?

Paul said...

I'm sure this is way late.. but I highly discourage any blockage of airflow on the keyboard of a mini311. If you rest your fingers over the upper left side, you will feel where the fan pulls air down through for cooling. Blocking that could result in one sad panda.