23 October 2010

HF7 for the HP Mini 311

As I've discussed before, there've been some progress with the HP Mini 311 Darwin Project. Since my hellish week has long been over and hopefully it'll never come back to haunt me again - I should check CRS online for my MA classes final grades and the DALF results won't be here till January 2011. So I'm back to living in bliss (bliss of ignorance).

And because I've got time, I've created an installer for you guys to try out:

Features (based on Retail Pack 1.0 by MowgliBook)
  • DSDT - closer to MacBookPro5,1; added GPU states (for graphics power management below)
  • Trackpad - Alps trackpad is no longer seen as a PS2 mouse; Disadvantage: side-scrolling is no longer readily available - see "poor man's sidescroll" in a previous post for a workaround to sidescroll.
  • Audio - VoodooHDA 2.7.1
  • SMC - new FakeSMC.kext with temperature monitoring feature.
  • Graphics power management - LegacyAGPM kext included
  • Other cosmetic changes
If you have 3GB RAM and are experiencing sleep issues (i.e. blank screen on wake) AFTER installing HF7, please run this PC EFI 10.6 installer:

So far, it's been stable on my HP Mini 311. It's up for you to try this beta release.

uTorrent says 90.1% for iLife '11.


Anonymous said...

HPM311DP_HF7 bad CRC file

LeMaurien19 said...

Ok, will upload it again in .pkg form.

Matt said...

Hi LeMaurien19,

Here is my initial feedback.
I have the following issues with the new package:

1) the sound card is not working: no input/ no output device
2) the new VoodooHDA pref pane in system preferences is not functioning. When clicking on it, I get the following error messages: "can't get registry-entry path" and then within the pane window, the menu on the left has 3 entries with garbage characters in them.


Matt said...

Another comment: resume from sleep is not working, despite installing PC EFI 10.6.


LeMaurien19 said...

I just deleted all files the package installed, reinstalled/ Works perfect on my unit.

Try repairing your disk permissions.

PC EFI fix works for 3GB RAM.

If you're still experiencing blank screen, you can try using alter efi v1.4 > Edit Kexts to build a "super mkext".

Sometimes restarting your machine several times does the trick. Again, no guarantees - I couldn't fix it when I can't see where the wrong stuff is since it's working ok on my side.

Atze said...

Mm i have a error with the installation package, after halfway installing (during the writing files section) the installer stops with the message: Installation Failed, please run this installer agian.

I fully updated my Mini 311, repaired permissions. Rebooted etc, it won't work.

Any suggestions what i could do?

Atze said...

eventauly i got everything fixed by hand, i first used the mini 311 1.1a package but this messed up my graphics (no QE/QI and 32mb) so i unpacked your pkg and used these files. I have 3GB so i used the pc efi, and sleep works fine.

I use the trackpad kext, i like the trackpad better, i have the feeling that tap on de pad is better recognized as a click.

LeMaurien19 said...

Yep, admittedly there's an issue with the scripts used in PackageMaker.

Please see new post: On HF7 and Trackpads. Again.

Anonymous said...

This + the PC EFI 10.6 worked like a charm. I'm so relieved to get rid of the freakazoid trackpad problem. Consider yourself hugged, LeMaurien19!