28 October 2010

Glad I Got a Wireless N Card After All

Before I got my Atheros 9280 card a.k.a Atheros AR5BHB92, I was struggling between it and a cheaper (then) b/g broadcom card. I thought it was just caprice - my constant appetite for everything top of the line - wireless N was fastest and so I just gotta have it even though I didn't have the equivalent wireless N router at home.

But I got it still and from the time I clicked on "check out" and fed my PayPal account to an ebay seller based in Hong Kong up until now, I thought I'd never have real use of that N part of the "b/g/n" indication on card's label.

I thought wrong. Because I thought coffeeshops here in the Philippines cannot afford a wireless N router.

I thought wrong. Of course they can afford that. It's me who can't. Harharhar.
And so that was why those MacBook Air 11" unboxing videos on youtube were loading so fast!

Oh and here's an interesting observation:

Before HF7/HF7c or AGPM (in layman's term "power management for that Ion chip under OS X"), once the Mini 311's fan kicks in - and it's bound to kick in because I'm practically burdening its Atom N280 chip (non-overclocked) to play me the part of a main computer - there's no stopping it but to shut the 311 down, let it cool down a bit before starting it again.

But a while ago, I was just streaming youtube vids (yep, MBA 11" unboxing vids) and the fan was whirring away like mad. It was normal occurrence for me - not that my netbook's going bonkers but we all know the fan is anything but discreet. And so I let it whir away as my eyes remained glued on that battery icon, gauging that battery life. And then I got bored of youtube and just closed the window. Poof went the video and so did the fan! No, not a "poof" as in something combusts ending with a poofing sound complete with smoke like when you eliminate an icon from your Dock.

No. What I meant was that the fan suddenly became quiet. It wasn't whirring like a paranoid. It hushed down.

Could it be that since the GPU, i.e. the Ion chip no longer was being stressed out with streaming that 720p vid and the system got wind of it and thus calmed down the fan?? Or is that just wishful thinking?


Dornell said...

hi! did you encounter any problem in your atheros 9280 like the other wifi card. coz i'm planning to buy like yours for my hp mini 311. where did you put it inside? did you removed your stock wifi? tnx!

LeMaurien19 said...

My specific Atheros 9280 behaves really well and gives me stable connection.

I transfer the stock card to the extra PCI slot, which is full height while the card is half height so you'd have to get some tape to secure it. Also get an Apple U.fl antenna to supplement the Bluetooth signal.

The Atheros card should go into the now vacant slot the stock card has just vacated.

See here

Dornell said...


martha said...

I notice in ebay, there are 2 type of Atheros AR5BHB92. Can you tell me which number you have on your Atheros written at the back of the card below left corner? Is it 495848-001 or 495848-002 ?

Paul said...

Um... how in the world did you get 720p vid to display and not be choppy as hell??? Flash CRUSHES my system and I have it overclocked to 2ghz...

martha said...

don't use leopard.
leopard doesn't make use gpu nvidia as accelerator yet.
i use jolicloud.com, 720p even 1080p works great running from SSD.
well, i still like leopard, but not playing hd video, that's why i have triple boot, leopard, win7 and jolicloud :)

John said...

I'm in the process of installing SL 10.6.5 on my HP Mini 311-1000NR. I've got everything working thanks to your great install guides except for one major issue.

When I unplug my netbook, osx hangs. I've been able to track this down the the Atheros AR5B95-H AR9285 wifi card I have installed.

I've tried muliple kexts, but none of them resolve the issue. I was just wondering if know know of any solutions?