19 October 2010

Rainbow After the Rain

Last week was just so busy: I took my DALF C1 and C2 exams last Thursday and Friday respectively. And yesterday, I had to print our class project for my MA class (Français 240 - Traduction des oeuvres littéraires) which was actually due last Friday, same day as my DALF C2 exam, but since we couldn't find last week a decent printing service that could churn out our Journal Littéraire into something remotely resembling a real newspaper, the printing could happen only yesterday. And in case you're wondering - the translation is from French to Filipino (or Tagalog which is my native tongue) of Guillaume Apollinaire's Bestiaire or Cortège d'Orphée.

I sure did miss the HP Mini 311 Darwin Project Team but although I was practically tormented while going through the Compréhension écrite et orale + Production écrite et orale of the DALF exams (I was nervous and my heart palpitating inside my ribcage the director at Alliance Française Manille, a French, took pity and even told me, with sincerity felt through his expression and timber of his voice, before starting the exam: "bon courage" to which I replied "Merci, monsieur; j'en ai tellement besoin), I'd say the time away from the hackintosh world was worth it. Come Friday night, I was greeted with a delightful surprise.

Yes, new progress!

Well, we all know that the 311's battery life just sucks, to say the least, under OS X. And now we know why - Ion is always running at full throttle thereby causing precious battery juice to evaporate without much legitimate warrant. However, that's just one reason projected which appears valid and there are possibly a ton more out there that we haven't discovered yet.

Enter: Legacy AGPM

Retail Pack 1.0d is no longer available for download. I'll have to defer the how-to after getting further updates from the great guys aboard the HPM311DP ship or until I can get to my own copy of 1.0d which is in my HP Mini 311 which is at home where I cannot reach it.

For the meantime, I encourage you check out the latest from the project thread at InsanelyMac.

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