04 October 2010


I'm so happy to announce that the HP Mini 311's ALPS GlidePoint trackpad has finally come out of its disillusion; it no longer thinks itself a PS2 mouse but a truet trackpad.

Meklort's ApplePS2Trackpad.kext along with the correct Trackpad.prefPane did the job.
*The link to the ApplePS2Trackpad.kext contains another Trackpad.prefPane, but don't use that prefPane, use instead the one linked at correct Trackpad.prefPane.

Update to the new ApplePS2Trackpad and Trackpad.prefPane:
1. Use Alter EFI 1.4 > Edit Extra to mount the EFI partition
2. Paste ApplePS2Trackpad.kext in /Volumes/EFI/Extra/Extensions.
3. Launch Mkext Tool. Highlight all kexts in /Volumes/EFI/Extra/Extensions and drag them to the Mkext Tool Pack window.
4. Point Mkext Tool to create the mkext in /Volumes/EFI/Extra. Click on Create button. Replace the old mkext and then exit Mkext Tool.
5. Go back to Alter EFI 1.4 and click on Finish to unmount EFI.
6. Go to /Users/<your username>/Library/Caches and delete the ff. files:

  • com.apple.preferencepanes.cache
  • com.apple.preferencepanes.searchindexcache

7. Copy the new Trackpad.prefPane to /System/Library/PreferencePanes. Authenticate to replace the existing prefPane.
8. Restart the machine.

*If you prefer to use a "super mkext" then:
1. Use Alter EFI 1.4 > Edit Kexts
2. Paste ApplePS2Trackpad into /Volumes/EFI/Extra/Extensions
3. Back to Alter EFI 1.4, click on "Rebuild Mkext" button and wait for the mkext to be rebuilt. Rebuilding the mkext like this will take quite a long time
4. Click on "Finish" to unmount EFI.
5. Proceed with installing the new Trackpad.prefPane (step 6 - 8 above).

No more über sensitive trackpad to drive you nuts when typing texts.

However, despite this, the ALPS GlidePoint is far from being perfect; in fact, you'll find that sidescrolling is disabled BUT there's a workaround. A fellow forumer calls it the "poor man's sidescrolling", so in effect, there's still sidescrolling - it just has to be consciously enabled each and everytime you wish to use it.

How To Enable "Poor Man's Sidescrolling"
1. After restarting the Mini 311, go to System Preferences > Trackpad.
2. Enable Dragging > Drag and lock

How To Use Poor Man's Sidescrolling:
1. Point the cursor first to a scrollbar in the GUI (Finder window, Safari window, etc.)
2. Making sure that the cursor rests on the scrollbar, tap twice on the vertical strip marked on the trackpad. This will activate the strip.
3. Slide your finger up and down the marked vertical strip.

You'll see that sidescrolling is working.

*Sometimes tapping twice on the vertical strip takes some getting used to. Use the "Double Click" settings to control how fast you need the do two taps one after the other to produce a double click/tap.

Convoluted, all this you may say? Yes. But the main point here, at least for me, is that the trackpad is less freakishly sensitive to the point that it hampers productivity with jumping cursors while typing texts for example.


Tetonne said...

simply perfect!
thanks for that tuto

alex aesthetics said...

oh thank gawwwd, can't wait to try this!

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in the _sources_ or at least patches to the original sources.

You see, even Linux kernel hackers admit that ALPS is a piece of crap and its support is quite poor.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, it seems to crash system preferences.app. Says "Trackpad.prefpane is missing identifier".

Anonymous said...

Oh never mind about System Preferences not starting, I just accidentally all files' permissions.

Yaroslav said...

Well that's good. At least it initializes and works.

Now the trackpad on a HP Mini is a biiiig one and I'm wondering, can I have some two-finger scrolling with it? At least hypothetically. I remember how it was once „impossible” with Synaptic things, and now we take multitouch input on them for granted.

If only it was possible to hack a BCM5974-based pad into those things, if you see what I mean.

Geoff said...

This was basically the biggest problem I had with my MacBook Mini. I'm so happy to see we're making progress on it. Thanks LeM! Oh, and Meklort!

Geoff said...

Alright, so I came home and tried this.

I can't get the pref pane to show up.

I put the kext in the folder on the EFI with the rest of them and the rebuilt the mkext. Deleted those couple files, moved the preference pane into the S/L/PrefPane folder. Nada...

This is basically a fresh install too so it shouldn't be a conflict problem. Installed 10.6, updated, HF6, then this and it just won't work.

Any help?

LeMaurien19 said...

Try checking the ApplePS2Trackpad.kext's info.plist.

Try changing this line:
OSBundledRequired - SafeBoot

OSBundleRequired - Root

Then recreate your mkext.

Also remember to delete com.apple.kext.caches in /System/Library/Caches/

and repair permissions. Restart.

LeMaurien19 said...

I'm supposed to create an installer pkg first to make things easier for you guys to try the new kext but life, rather DALF C1 & C2 exam, is getting in the way.

Sorry. :(

Geoff said...

Oh pish, you don't have to do anything. You've already given all of us so much. I'm gonna try this out now. I'll let you know how it works.

Geoff said...



Geoff said...

OOOH! Look what I got! Thanks again!