29 September 2010

My Mini MacBook at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

from ageage.multiply.com

I'm supposed to test the previous VoodooHDA 2.6 on Yahoo Messenger's voice conversation and see if the internal mic would work. I'm supposed to test it with my cousin but she apparently does not have the time to indulge my geeky caprice. And so I'm left with very little to do as I sat and sipped my iced café latte.

I have my Coffee Bean Swirl card and one of its perks, aside from amassing points each and every time I got my fix of caffeine at this particular café to get the discounts and freebies offered, is WiFi. Starbucks in the Philippines does not offer free as in speech and beer WiFi connection, I'm sad to report. And so I'm connected now. What to do with the decent WiFi bandwidth?

Hmm. I sip from my coffee (plastic) cup. Inspiration is fast turning into insipidity.

Then, perhaps through habit or muscle memory (yep, pointing the cursor using that nasty Alps trackpad to reach that smiling Mac Finder icon on the Dock can be likened to positioning my hands the violin's fret to produce D#), some diversion at long last!
my fellow Coffee Bean café-mates

And so it is true: the most pernicious that ever happened to computers are not viruses (virii? oh blame my college Latin and Italian in college for this) nor malware - it's the user.

Look at this dear little "baghag" who's been exposing himself/herself (I've a hunch it's a her because of the "bag"?) unknowingly, I bet. And she's on a PC too.

I tried getting into Eric's MacBook but no such luck; I couldn't connect.

My point here is neither the superiority of the Mac nor the utter scum-hood of PC's but the difference in the implementation of security control.

But thanks to it, I got a couple of Grey's Anatomy episodes to watch tonight when I get home:
Tsk tsk tsk. Great pics though.

I've just updated to VoodooHDA 2.7 courtesy of aikidoka25 and so far it's good - volume's decent. I'll update once I find a free wall socket, my Mini MacBook Pro is running out of juice.


machosehead said...

Ok, I'll bite. What was in the Doh story. Anything noteworthy?


Daryl said...

Hey good evening,. I wonder if you can help me out. I wanted to know if you know where i could get a half height mini pci-e wifi card like the dell 1510 in the philippines. Ive already checked places like gilmore, greenhills, and various shops around manila and ebsites like tipidpc.com but i cant seem to find one. I hope you can help.

LeMaurien19 said...

I got mine on e-bay. I just searched for the card model, and then ordered online. It's risky but I was fortunate enough that the seller did decent business and I got the card after several weeks.
Try seller "mynbw" from Hong Kong and see if he's got a Dell 1510.