28 September 2010

Updates on the HP Mini 311 Darwin Project

And the big guys are back!
Hi everybody,
I've been extremely busy lately, but still I come with some good news... (not too good though)
The new FakeSMC with plugin support (on projectOSX) is getting really good, I'll edit the DSDT when I have time so that it'll report the TZ0 (Thermal Zone) and the Fan if I can.
For now we have the GPU, which is a good start.
There is a new VoodooHDA, nothing tremendous, still no HDMI (because of this bloody IDT codec) but it keeps the settings of the volume when you reboot etc. Mute button doesn't work but I guess it could be fixed quite quickly.
Maybe a more stable ApplePS2 set from prasys still some random KP though.
I'll come to this later, if I manage to get in touch with him, when I have my internet connection back at home.
welcome back mowgli, 
sometime ago i tried the fakeSMC plugin only got GPU temp, apparently the chipset was not supported.
as for the DSDT, is it possible for you to document the changes (something like d00d's X58 guide, i saw you were active there too)
today, i compiled the new VoodooHDA but it doesn't work, according to Slice most probably the code in svn is not up to date.
i am still thinking VoodooHDA coudl work with HDMI in our unit, but need to play with the pin config. However I must admit this is beyond my current knowledge.
I tried to read the guide but still don't understand how those config are created.

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Tetonne said...

cool great news :-)

hope post (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=216449#)will be updated very quickly ;-)

yesterday i tried

no more keybord :-(