03 September 2010

iTunes 10

I am rarely, perhaps even never, excited with iTunes updates. Other than that I'm as geek as geek could be (at least in my own opinion, that is) which means I'm destined to grab that new update, I wouldn't update. To be specific, the reason I always update is just so that I can laugh that triumphant laugh when the built-in Software Update returns this:

My existence is pitiful indeed as such trifle matters obsess me.

But when Steve Jobs announced iTunes 10 last September 1st, I didn't have my Mini MacBook Pro 3,11 within reach. I was in another city where work is and the HP Mini 311 was at home with my folks. I couldn't just rush out to the mountains, itching as I was to update my little rig but duty was beckoning me to stay and so stay I did. 

It was then that I decided to install iTunes 10 on my newly Windows 7 Enterprise updated workstation? It wasn't such a bad idea; I got a taste of what things would look like in the new version. I'd say I was pleased -  with the new aesthetics at least:

Of course, I still wish the background wasn't as stark white as it is. I miss the black background in earlier iTunes version, or was there ever one? I can't remember if I was just always applying a hack to get the background black.

But at least I'm digging the new iTunes sidebar. The general greyscale-like theme is discrete - a contradiction to the garish white background that coupled with a super glossy screen as the Mini 311's, could potentially be hostile to the eyes specially when using the netbook at night.

And now I wonder where "Ping" is...

Maybe it's Mac OS X exclusive like the live streaming for September 1st's Apple Keynote?

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