26 September 2010

Office:Mac 2011

Fresh from uTorrent, I immediately transferred the .dmg file from our family MacBook6,1 (MSI Wind U100) to my MacBookPro5,1 (HP Mini 311-1001TU and installed Microsoft's latest release of its ubiquitous productivity suite which has been the standard for as long as I was old enough to be aware and care for technology:

Microsoft Office:Mac 2011

Go ask Captain Jack Sparrow out yonder the famous bay of pirates for a copy of this installer.

Doing what I do for a living, the very first app I checked was Word.

All I'll say is that 2011 starts faster than 2008. As for the rest - interface and new functionalities, I'll leave the following screencaps to speak for themselves.

iWork Pages '09 screenies are also available for your perusal. Let your inner Apple fanboy/girl loose and give the verdict this time.

Welcome to Pages ' 09

Welcome to Word 2011

Pages '09 Template Chooser

Word 2011 Template Chooser

Pages '09 Fullscreen Mode

Word 2011 Fullscreen Mode

Imitation is the best form of flattery indeed. :D

That Ribbon interface is still there of course:

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