02 September 2010

New iPod Touch

Call me an Apple fangirl. Or make that a strange Apple fangirl. Nope, I even urge you to go the entire full mile and call me a strange, ridiculous, pinned-up, Ms. Prissy Apple fangirl. Because I just have to say this:
It bothers me that some people call the iPod Touch "iTouch".
No matter how hard I look at the Apple Store and replay Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller keynotes (I'm still looking for instances where Tim Cook, Jonathan Ive, etc. talk about the iPod Touch) and I haven't heard them call the "iPhone that doesn't have phone functions" device as an "iTouch".

I know I should probably schedule an appointment with the local shrink pronto; this might be symptoms of insanity.
image from cultofmac (but maybe they got it elsewhere: gadget?)

But anyhoo (yeah, I deliberately did not say "anyhow"), I must say I'm completely enamored with the new iPod Touch. Booya! that's "iPod Touch" for you and NOT "iTouch". Peace out. :D

  • Retina display
  • Dual camera (for use with Face Time; no flash though)
  • A4 processor (which runs at 1 GHz)
  • HD video recording (yep, High Definition is here!)
  • 3-Axis Gyroscope
  • iOS 4.1 with Game Center (whatever Game Center is)
  • Thinner (apparently this "feature" should be mentioned since the talented Stevie J. and the rest of Apple Inc. deemed thinness an equal of 3G capability on the device)
But why am I suddenly talking about the iPod Touch? As you know, I've been wanting an iPhone. However, as I am but a poor girl (no, my story's not seldom told - it hasn't been told, never will be), when I yearned for a touchscreen phone, I could only afford the Nokia 5530 Express Music which sucks big time by the way. 

And then, came Yosion's Apple Peel which I blogged about. In essence, it gave me hope to get an iPhone for the price of the iPod Touch (I refuse to call it an iTouch). I even resolved that the 3rd gen 32 GB model would satisfy my wanton. Read: iOS 4.0 with multitouch etc. And then when the Apple Peel finally is released, I'll get it shipped where I am from China or Taiwan. 

But now that the new iPod Touch is here, I realized I can no longer fool myself. I cannot be satisfied with an aging piece of gadgetry - and that's how quickly my once ardent flame for the 3rd gen iPod Touch met its demise.

So will I buy the new iPod Touch 4th gen? That I can't say. Besides the fact that I don't possess the requisite financial emancipation to indulge my gadget lusts, I confess that I'd also very much like to wear the new touchscreen iPod Nano as a wristwatch.

What I do know is that the 3rd gen 32 GB iPod Touch plan or dream has long been flung outside the window.

Oh, and recently, if I may be allowed to add, I've been having a new internal battle. And this involves the 13" MacBook Pro. Maybe that should be my new goal. That is, if I can come to terms with turning my back on my golden vision: a MacBook for less.

Well, I've got to see first whether my new freelance translation project will pay well. And then maybe, just maybe, I can put whatever little I can earn to a MacBook Pro fund.

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