13 September 2010

Figuring Things Out

The 10.6.5 Mac OS X Update is looming in the horizon and although I've the confidence to say that the current configuration will give no major issues for HP Mini MacBook 311 users (I'm talking about HF6RC4 which is based on the wonderful work of the HP Mini 311 Darwin Project team, all I did was package the nice stuff), there still will be people clamoring for an install package.

But I'm having issues with the latest Package Maker; somehow I can't figure out why the whole project file system is messed up in the end.

Gotta figure this out. Gotta figure a way out. In my little hackintosh office.

P.S. You might notice the tall glass in the pic. It's filled with some coke and the Isopropyl alcohol in the background? Maybe I can use that as substitute for vodka or whisky. Not that I'm into the biz of frying my liver, but I dearly love a good joke. :D


Anonymous said...

does your internal mic work in yahoo messenger with voodoohda?

LeMaurien19 said...

I noticed that it doesn't in the only time I did voice chat with YM. But I haven't tested it really.

Quactaur said...

I really do appreciate the packages you make LeMaurien16, but out of interest is there actually going to be anything new in this one you're making?

In any case, I know it's not very elegant, but if it's just a case of swapping old files out for new ones, you *should* (have never tried it with a package that affects system files) just be able to edit the existing HF6RC4 package and put the new files in there.

Apologies if I'm telling you the obvious and the issue is more complicated than that!

LeMaurien19 said...

You're right - it's essentially just swapping out the Extra folder.

But the issue is more complicated; usually the files get copied to the EFI partition (the pkg script mounts and reformats EFI fresh) but now, it's not. What happens is that the entire project folder get copied to / and not /Volumes/EFI/ where it should go. Since EFI is mounted fine, theoretically, the pkg installer should put the files in there...

I'm thinking of splitting the whole package into parts:
1) pkg 1 : formats EFI and installs Chameleon automatically, EFI is still empty at this point.
2) AlterEFI or a similar simple app : mounts EFI, will need to instruct user to just get MowgliBook's latest Retail Pack and copy the entire Extra folder into the EFI partition, same app will unmount EFI partition as well.

What do you say about this "modular" approach?

Quactaur said...

I think the modular approach is fine. It's only a single copy/paste.

To be quite honest if you were to do that 1,2,3 step approach you could just lay the corresponding icons with a .dmg file background. If you'd like I'd wrap up the files in a dmg for you happily.

LeMaurien19 said...

Cool then.

I'm actually planning to try compiling Cham RC5 - currently, I can't find one which already has tea_team or meklort's patch (for Atom compatibility) or maybe I'm not searching where I should. But for sure the next release, I hope, will be available when 10.6.5 comes.

Anonymous said...

Since there is concerns that updates may affect mini-toshes, I was wondering if there is some process or program you'd recommend to clone hard-drives for backup

LeMaurien19 said...

Carbon Copy Cloner.

Actually, Mac OS X's native Disk Utility can be used to create a .dmg file of your entire hard drive for backup, but Carbon Copy Cloner offer a much simpler interface to do just that.

Just a note on everyone using a hackintosh - or actually, any computer for that matter; backup. Backup and backup.

I think we're all at this phase in our life where we know better than to put 100% trust on machines/gadgets - murphy's laws.