19 September 2010

Compiling Chameleon

In the frustration of sorting out problems with the file structure in creating an installer .pkg for the HP Mini 311 Darwin Project, I decided to take a breather and try my hands on another thing. Compiling Chameleon.

I took cue from the InsanelyWind forums and chose meklort's svn in the Chameleon project as basis. With XCode already installed beforehand on my HP Mini 311 running OS X Snow Leo 10.6.4, I fired up Terminal and launched the following command:
svn co http://forge.voodooprojects.org/svn/chameleon/branches/meklort/
It downloads the source code for meklort. For more details on the different versions, I encourage you to read the thread directly.

To cut to the chase, I ended up compiling 3 different builds of Chameleon.

1. meklort's r-150 - worked with Atom as expected. But my RAM was incorrectly detected:
2. meklort r-158 - latest version as far as I know, worked as well with Atom but slows down boot time considerably. Memory detection has also gone awry. Same as r-150 above.

3. Chameleon-v2.0-RC4 (with patches mentioned at InsanelyWind) - again, wrong memory detection:

Now, compare them to the correct memory clock. Uses Retail Pack 0.9's boot file:

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